Plane Facts 1944 09 (PDF)



Volume II  No. 9  September 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Global GIs Trump Maintenance Tricks / By Col. John M. Des Islets and It. B. R. Griffin

GIdeas Pay Off in $$$, Patents / By Martin L. Beasley and Wade Koontz

Rx for Speedy Spd Supply: Right Requisitions / By Lt. Col. A. W. Lishawa and Lt. Col. R. Walter Evans

Right Cans Can Cut Fueling Fire Hazard / By Capt. G. H. Tryort, III

Reverse Oxygen Pipes for Safety / By P. N. Rice

Glycerin Plagues Oxygen Test Equipment / By S/Sgt E. M. Markley

Table Simplifies Battery Requisitioning / By C. E. Walker and N. C. Williams

Mud, Sweat, Beers Figure in Salvage of 6 AT-6s / By Lt. Col. V. M. Gillum

We’re ASCing You

The Gadgeteer

Ground Flying Demands Experts / By Col. George C. Price

Road Magnet Saves Tires / By Maj. L. M. Applegate

Overcome Overpacking for Shipping Efficiency / By Lt. Col. C. M. Burwell

Utility Piping Color Code Supplemented / By Lt. Col. E. L. Harrington

Remove Blister, Protect Tail Gunner / By M. B. Lammers

Ethyl Glycol Catches Thorough Paddling / By E. M, Glass

X-Ability Makes Collapsible Box for Radials / By T. B. Andrews

Make Camera Mounts More Versatile / By A. R. Mirante

Kit Smooths Mask Maintenance / By S. T. Gipson

Tabulate Torque for Hold-Down Studs / By Don Roderick

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

Trojan Horse Is New Role for Gliders / By E. D. Merritt

Washers Replace Lead to Balance Prop / By Robert C. Wilson, Jr.

Cleaner Provides Hot or Cold Running Water / By E. R. Whitledge

Pamper Power Plants for Dependability / By Capt. K. C. Given

Sharpen Tool Requisitions / By Edward Mahaffey

Correct Hairspring Insulation in Gyro Compass / By Charles Gerber

Jack Box Tester Has Switchboard Design / By Capt. W. D. McKee

Canned Equipment Solves Packing Problem / By Capt. P. K. Cuff and Capt. W. F. Moore

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Aline B-5 Driftmeters in Jig Time / By Maj. George Nassauer, Jr.

Warhawks Foam at Neck / By L. H. Johnson

Altus’ View Limiter Improves Instructor’s Visibility / By Lt. Col. D. M. Hamilton

Hole In, Clean Up Oil Tanks / By Lt. D. E. Burkholder

Swingin’ Down the Line