Plane Facts 1944 08 (PDF)



Volume II  No. 8  August 1944
68 pages

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Maintenance Muscle Will Stretch Rubber Supply / By Maj. G. H. Nicholson and Capt. I. V. Coursen

Increase De-icer Vitality / By H. F. Little

Undamaged Life Raft / By It Floats / By Lt. D. E. Wilson

Extend Engine Mount Life beyond 1000 Hours / By H. S. Wilson

Promote Health of Fuel Cells / By J. H. Bishop and E. L. Clevell

Pose 2-Point Program for Rubber Hose / By Pfc. Jack Nigh and L. M. Peterson

Oil and Gas Go Berserk, Ditto Airplanes / By Col. George C. Price

Mechanics Win Legion of Merit

New Lock Saves Turret Gears / By J. B. Meredith

We’re ASCing You

War Wearies Revived at U.S. Depots / By Maj. Miles Kracman and Capt. A. G. Allen

Invasion Devices Flourish / By Lt. Dino Del Vecchio

Expand Log Manual / By Lynd Ferguson

P-51 Bomb Rack Adapter Holds Triple Threat / By J. W. Summers

Cap Rework Stops P-51D Fuel Drool / By CW/O W. V. Bland

Overseas Reps Bounce P-40 Bugs / By Benn D. Keller

New Fan Pulley Prevents Parched Pumps / By Capt. H. W. Moore

The Gadgeteer

Take Up Stretch on Nylon Tires / By E. R. Burkey

Old Housing Rigged to Test Cunos / By R.C. Beauchamp

Tryst with T.O.s Helps Energize Overseas Engines / By Wesley Longletz

Pickling Carburetor Preserves Diaphragm / By Alex Kosteck

Make Your Own List Has 50,000 Items / By Maj. B. H. Roberts

U.R.s Will Keep Sea Horses in Working Form / By Capt. James A. Frank

Vent Line Clamps Get Tight on T.O. 03-1-29 / By R. F. Hoban

Better Conditioned Planes Roll off PLM / By Lt. Col. A. V. Endress

Maintenance Equipment Flies to the Front / By Col. P. E. Shanahan, Lt. Col. Joseph H. Bishop and Maj. A. J. O’Callaghan

Count Revs in New L. G. Synchronization / By Lt. Col. R. J. Friedman

M2 Adapter Means Not a Smoke in a Tank-Load / By Maj. J. E. Salny

Inspect C-46 L.G. Side Braces / By A. H. Brownfield

Schedule Tank Trucks on Dot / By Maj. L. B. Freeman and Maj. Robert S. Mitchell

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

New Tail Lift Puts Planes on the Level / By J. D. McPhilimy

Docks and Feathers Figure in Lumbering Problem / By J. H. Dodds

Spacer Controls Tilt of S-l Bombsight / By Capt. F. H. Joseph

Compound Halts Cable Chafing / By CW/O B. H. Chase

Electric Igniter Does Flint’s Stint / By C. E. Taylor

Block B-17 Electrical Cable Rub / By R. D. Souther

Heavies to Take More Pictures / By A. R. Mirante

Use Tested Canopy Lockpins on P-47s / By Cpl. A. F. Grasso

Jig of Many Jobs / By William E. Dewey

Build Electric Hoist for Bomb Loading / By Maj. J. R. Donnelly

Rerouting or Head Wires Features Governor Fixes / By M. B. Curley

Press Oil Reclamation / By Maj. M. C. Goddard

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Bomb Thread Chaser Makes Haste, Saves Waste / By Col. T. M. Jervey

Swingin’ Down the Line