Plane Facts 1944 07 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 7  July 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Mechanized Overseas Supply Action Imperative for Mechanized Warfare / By Lt. Col. C. M. Burwell and Maj. A. P. Bondurant

Stock No. on Form 81 Speeds Supply Flow / By Lt. Col. O. K. Gardner

Consumption Data Break Parts Bottleneck / By Capt. E. Forrest Tancer

Right Requisitions Mean Fast Airframe Supply / By Capt. W. S. Ferguson

Repair Parts Available for C-l Pilot / By K. C. Jones

Driftmeters Are X-able, P-47D Props Scarce / By Maj. R. R. Winters

Standard Lists Guide Air-Signal Requisitions / By Capt. C. F. Benson

Area Petroleum Supply Officer is Handyman / By Walter H. Moorleghen

Testers Try Mechanical Abilities / By Joseph Banarer

P-40 Wings Stay Put during Rod Repair / By L. H. Johnson

5th AFSC Gets Laundry Without Priority / By Col. L. S. Woods

New Guide Mirrors Whole AAF

8th AF Kinks Speed Photo Work

Makes Steam Hose on the Spot / By Col. T. M. Jervey

Make Gas Lamp Mantle on Broomstick / By Lt. Col. C. C. Budd

The Gadgeteer

Block Tropical Ravages of Aircraft and Equipment

We’re ASCing You

Revise A-N-B Carb. Interchangeability Chart / By Roger B. Godfrey

Turret Stands Get Notches – Work Better / By J. B. Meredith

11 Points Un-Snafu Electrical Wiring / By R. D. Souther

Kit Keeps Carburetors Packed Tight / By Gordon M. MacFarland

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

Wider Choice of Spark Plugs Approved

New Photo Lab Takes the Air / By Capt. L. L. McGladrey

Double Strap P-38 Control Wheel / By V. L. Kirby

A-l Pressure Transmitters Need Attention / By Frank Freeman

Streamline Signal Supply / By Maj. A. G. Bickford Answers to We’re ASCing You

Tighten Dial Screws, Seal with Red Enamel

Revamp Firing Pins for 75mm Guns / By Lt. W. A. Gray

Rework A-2 Fire Extinguisher Bracket / By S/Sgt E. M. Markley

Grease Change Improves Magneto Performance / By Lt, George C. Burnham

List Weight and Balance Data for Older Craft / By Oil Line Now R-755-9 Engine Part / By Harold E. Taylor

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