Plane Facts 1944 06 (PDF)



68 pages

Volume II  No. 6  June 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

B-29 Hits the Line / By Lt. Col. I. W. Stephenson and Capt. M. C. Villiard

Salvage That Dirty Rag / By Capt. J. H. Meyer

Rivet Comparison Chart Joins T.O.  / By Maj. E. J. Smith

Dolly Won’t Rock in Wooden Shoe / By Col. George T. Urbani

Establish Progressive Overhaul in Theaters / By Capt. H. C. McKenzie

Portable Prop Kit Is Visual Training Aid / By E. W. Lockin

Try T.O. Treatment on Overseas Engines / By Wesley Longletz

Weight and Balance Won’t Wait / By Lt. Col. G. R. Henninger

We’re ASCing You

New Keys and Shafts Lessen B-17 Crash Landings / By J. R. Chafin

The Gadgeteer

Cargoes Quick Change to Aerial Ambulances / By Lt. Col. William I. Little

Fire . . . Prevent or Fight?  / By Maj. C. B. Gilbert and Capt. G. H. Tryon, III

Group Mismatches Won’t Work / By R. S. Fisher

Clarify Tire Program / By Col. W. W. Wise and W. J. Snyder

Patch Lends No Strength to Skin

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

Magnet and Compass Spot Defective Rivets / By Frank Reisch

Twist Gooseneck, Save Trailer Tongue / By Capt. S. J. Sietsma

Cylinder Reclamation Keeps More Engines Going / By Capt. W. E. Yates

Overseas GI Devices Double for Delayed Equipment / By G. F. Schauer

Dead Sticks Come from Air Filter Neglect / By Edwin T. Larson

Add Mobile Units for Instrument Trainer Repair / By Capt. R. G. Franks and J. G. Baer

Movable Racks House Drawing Books / By K. P. Ferree

Plug Tees to Block Fuel Leaks / By Robert D. Willson

Repair Bracket Cracks with Cover Plate / By Lt. Col. R. J. Friedman

Scarf A-20 Wing Rack Assemblies / By J. W. Summers

Tapped Plugs Insert Easily / By Capt. Donald I. Yous

Simplify Handling of Trac-Tractors / By M. Turner

1 Overlooked Connection Downs A-36 / By Col. George C. Price

Portable Movie Unit Is Trainer and Entertainer / By Capt. L. V. Peterson and Capt. J. B. Carne

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Recruit More U.R.s to Digest / By Lt. Col. J. E. Linebaugh

Dural Pin Safeties C-47 Tail Wheel / By R. E. Duffy

Repeller Lets ‘Em Go Seeing in the Rain

P-40 Fixes Highlighted / By Secure Canopy  / By  L. H. Johnson

Swingin’ Down the Line