Plane Facts 1944 05 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 5  May 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Service Crews Sweat Out Arctic Blasts / By Maj. W. W. Woodward and Capt. R. C. Johnson

Don’t Give Up the Ship / By Lt. Col. E. G. Kiehle Para-Packing Quartet Devises Finishing Toucher / By Paul Burgess

Gentle Does It for Hand that Rocks Screwdriver / By CW/O Thomas Goodnight and E. W. Lockin

Mismarked Shipments Are Futile Nomads / By Capt. Lyle B. Reigler and Lt. T. A. Klein

T-I-N-K-E-R-I-T-I-S / By James P. Quigley

Tell of Field Fixes / By Waldo Spitz

We’re ASCing You

Halve Brake Grinding Time / By W. D. Whitledge

Correct Chrome Carburetor Ills / By Roger B. Godfrey

Stencil New Instructions on P-47 Wing Tanks / By CW/O W. V. Bland

The Gadgeteer

Special Tool Tightens Intake Inserts / By Lt. Robert M. Treat

Crews Don Modern Coats-of-Mail / By Lt. Col. A. W. Stoddard

Pliofilm Envelopes Speedily Sealed / By Blake Bosworth

Install Foot Charger in Martin. Turrets / By Harry Rapp

Handymen Descend on Warehouses / By Ben F. Shearer

Simplified Ignition System Introduced / By Lt. G. C. Burnham

Alaskan Crews Blaze Reclamation Trails / By Maj. T. E. Palmer

Get Tech Data through Channels / By L. C. Graham

Overseas Ordnance Requisitions Must Follow Rules / By Capt. Milton Viker

Relief Is on Way for Seasick Airplanes / By Paul Taggart T.O, Review

T.O.s of the Month

Check B-24 Sumps for Cowl Ring Cuts / By N, R. Harlan

Find Fix for P-38 Cooler Cracks / By V. L. Kirby

B-24H Nose Hood Hooked / By C. F. Diehl

Gliders Get New Pick-Up System / By Sidney Pierson

Cargoes Brace Up for Safer Shipping / By Maj. James T. Elliott

Protection Provided for Welders / By Lt. Col. George Sladczyk

Freight Backtracks from Loose Labels / By W. H. Riefstahl Standard Parts Baskets Speed Engine Overhaul / By Lt. Thomas Linder, Jr.

B-24 Fuel Cell Sight Gages Get Quick Fix / By Harry J. Chapman

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Battery Vent System / By C. B. Walker

Kits Simplify Oil Seal Removal / By Stephen L. Conomy

Swingin’ Down the Line