Plane Facts 1944 04 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 4  April 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Bearing Reclamation Gets Under Way / By Lt. Kay M. Glaesner, Jr.

New Service Group Is Born / By Lt. Col. Dallas M. Speer

Aircraft Inspection Guides Are Pocket Size / By C. H. McCabe

Engines Ski from Ship to Shop / By Capt. H. L. Faragher

When Life Rafts Go Down / By H. S. Wilson

Here’s How on Hydraulic Valve Lifters / By Don Roderick

Instrument Panel Armor on B-24s / By J. R. Taylor

Inspect Oxygen Disconnects before Flight / By Capt. H. E. Savely

“U. R. Digest” Appears / By Cleo R. Ludwig

Stock List Revision Affects Lubricants / By J. L. Detamore

We’re ASCing You

Using Head(space) Increases Gun’s Dependability / By Col. Thomas M. Jervey

The Gadgeteer

Rescue Drowned and Snow-Bound Aircraft / By Maj. Miles Kracman

Forks and Pallets Make Good Team / By B. F. Shearer

Fuel Servicing Units Pull Extra Duty / By Capt. J. J. Clark

Load 37mm Cannon Expediently / By Capt. Gene E. Davidson

Plate Chafing Severs Feathering Line / By M. B. Curley

Underpacked Stabilizers Cost Hours / By C. R. Dager

Instrument Packups Aid Overseas Supply / By C. E. Tucker and C. E. Nolle

Fix Wood Prop Breaks / By Robert C. Wilson

New Swivel Joint Foils B-17 Fire Hazard / By D. M. Odoin

AN Gun Camera Installation Improves Training / By K. J. Jones

One Slip Is Too Many / By Col. George C. Price

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

Color Code Applied to Utility Piping / By Maj. E. L. Harrington

Boost Belly-Lander from Swamp / By J. D. McPhilimy

Bull’s-Eye Landings with SCS-51 / By Maj. L. G. Swendson

C-46s Get Modifications / By Capt. J. A. Frank

Hold That Indicator Line / By Lt. Frank A. Smith

Defective Rivets Endanger Rudder Control / By Al Ruskin

Plane Facts Quarterly Index

New Trailer Steps Up Bomb Handling / By Lt. Col. Wm. B. Droge

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Radio Crystal Quirks Present Hazards / By Capt. W. L. Doxey

Swingin’ Down the Line