Plane Facts 1944 03 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 3  March 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Editorial / By Maj. Gen. Clements McMullen

Death Takes No Holiday When U.R.s Go AWOL / By Lt. Col. J. E. Linebaugh

B-24 Nose Gear Collapse Analyzed / By Lt. Col. J. E. Shuck

Step-by-Step Correction of V-1710 Engine Trouble / By Lt. Col. Don Coupland

Motors Bum Out, Remedied Via U.R.s / By Col. P. E. Shanahan

Speedy U.K. Saves Cells / By Maj. C. M. Burwell

Inadequate Trucks and Trailers Improved / By Lt. Col. William B. Droge

Fewer Grounded Planes as AGP Swings Into Action / By Maj. M T. King

New Armor for B-25s Slashes Losses / By Walter Wehner

We’re ASCing You

Tractor Cranes Are Bulldozed / By Capt. S. J. Sietsma

Service Saves Wood Props / By Robert C. Wilson, Jr.

The Gadgeteer

Here’s News for Ground Trainer Mechs / By M. B. Lammers

Correct Test for Oxygen Indicators Is Must / By Sgt. E. M. Markley

Use Care in Instrument Panel Modification / By S/Sgt. A. J. Blum

Rework Flight Indicator Pointer Bar / By P. I. Cummings

Turret Changes Make Gunner’s Jobs Easier / By Capt. D. K. Langford

“Somewhere I’ll Find You”, Is Theme Song of Stockchasers / By C. H. McCabe

Drink H2O Straight / By Col. H. M, Hargreaves

T.O. Review

T.O.s of the Month

Re-refined Oils Leave Skin Unharmed / By Robert Boggess

Mishandled Cleanings Tempt Grim Reaper / By Lt. Col. George Sladczyk

Old Sol Directs Flight / By Randolph Brewster

Caravan De-gasser Goes to Classes / By Maj. A. J. deRosset

P-47 Brakes Are Modified / By R. E. Knapp

P-47 Oxygen Cylinders Are Touchy / By R. F. Pierson and A. L. Girdley

Hydraulic Hose Replacement Facilitated / By Homer Martin

Replace Broken P-39Q Engine Mounts / By H. S. Wilson

Black Widow Has Bitter Bite / By Lt. Gene E. Davidson

Felt Stuffing Eases P-39 Strap Strain / By F. A. Frank

Re-inforced Side Fairings Withstand Buffeting / By N. R. Harlan

Stronger Braces and Fairings Stop P-38 Rips / By V. L. Kirby

Triple Check Starter Clutch Settings / By Lt. Chas. F. Andrews

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Control Tire Distribution by New Plan / By Maj. R. R. Winters

Look Out for Loose Spline Nuts on P-47s / By Pvt. A. F. Grasso

Encounter Installation Problem on New API / By Chas. Gerber

Swingin’ Down the Line