Plane Facts 1944 01 (PDF)


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Volume II  No. 2  February 1944

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This

New Specialized Depots Speed Supplies / By Maj. C. M. Burwell

T.O.s . . Come and Get’ Em . . . and Use ‘Em / By Col. John A. Ball

Electronic Control for Turbosuperchargers / By Paul C. Cavanaugh

Welds Save Stud Holes and Rocker Boxes / By Lawrence D. Martin

Block Busters Handled Like Babies / By Capt. S. J. Sietsma

Spare Wings for Winged Victory / By Capt. R. T. Puffer

Tyr-Tracs Simulate Tank Toughness / By Guy R. Sheppard

Rafts Discharged Like Bombs at Sea / By Lt. Clark I. Stocking

P-40 Maximum Loads / By Capt. W. O. Briggs, Jr.

The Gadgeteer

Hatch New Warehouse Wrinkles / By Capt. D. Lee Batten

Winterize Jeep Bodies / By Maj. G. S. Richards

We’re ASCing You

Handle Fuel Cells with Kid Gloves / By Capt. C. G. Wyman and H. J. Chapman

Paints, Dopes, Sometimes Dupe / By Maj. Robert T. Homewood

No Margin for Too Many Errors / By E. V. Tredway

Light Leak in K-21 Camera Stopped / By A. R. Mirante

Know Your Transport Clearance / By Maj. J. L. Elliott

Improved Rivet Makes Solid Fastening / By Maj. E. J. Smith

Desert Depot Devices Click / By Capt. W. W. Burbank

Forestall C-47 Engine Mount Failure / By H. S. Wilson

Answer Battery Heating Problems / By C. E. Walker

Lubrication in R-755-9S Improved / By Otto Ey

T.O. Review

Tolerance Guarantees No Jam / By A. H. Brownfield

Streamline Weighing of Fortresses / By Capt. H. L. Faragher

Tampering with Carburetor Idle Spring Taboo / By Roy M. Smart

Greater Length for Greater Strength / By Lt. Thomas A. Grantham

Answers to We’re ASCing You

Watch Your Step, Driver! / By Lt. D. T. Williamson

Spare the Rod / By Paul Dixon

Vehicles for Repair . . . Prepare with Care / By Capt. Hewitt Crosby, Jr.

PLANE FACTS Quarterly Index

Fuel Hose to be Tested / By H. S. Wilson

Replace Pitot Tube Covers / By H. R. Beacom

Don’t Discard Engine Storage Trimmin’s / By Maj. M. R. Korshin

Exhaust Systems Overcome Health Hazards / By Lt. Col. H. N. Parrish

SOS for De-icer Boots / By Pvt. Jack Nigh

T.O.s of the Month

Swingin’ Down the Line