Plane Facts 1943 12 (PDF)


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Volume I  No. 7  December 1943

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

H2O Injected: Engines Zing / By Paul F. Adair

Imperative to Install New Tank Vent Fitting / By Capt. C. G. Wyman

Chart Saves Figuring Fits

Don’t Be a NaMBTy PAMBY / By E. M. Glass

Get That Plane Up / By Capt. W. C. Dodds

R-670 Engine Questions Answered / By Don Roderick

Automatic Computing Sight Improved / By H. C. Crim

The Gadgeteer

12th Steals Enemy’s Thunder / By A. P. Lofquist

15-54’s New Form or Fight / By Col. Thomas B. McDonald

Where Is That Incident Board? / By Paul H. Taggart

P-39 Vertical Fin Reinforced / By J. V. Cooley

How to Handle Soft Plastic Tires / By Capt. E. J. Burke

Blindman’s Bluff Flight Training Outmoded / By Lt. James A. Frank

We’re ASCing You

Mechs Evolve Crash & Carry Technique / By Capt. Miles A. Kracman

Wanted for Unintentional Sabotage / By Lt. P. K. Cuff

Static Can Be Erratic / By Lt. Paul Breitenbach

Oil Cooler Cleaner Is Non-inflammable / By Jerome Weinberg

Incomplete U. R.s Delay Action / By C. M. Spangler

Desert Mech Fights Sandman / By Capt. Carlyle R. Smith

Do’s and Don’ts for V-1710 Engines / By Russel Carr

Portable Decontaminating Stations / By Capt. A. J. deRosset

Inspection of CG-4A Imperative / By Lt. R. F. Fetters

Reinforce A-20s for Added Strain / By William Diamenti

Speaking of Jacks / By W. F. Lacey

Control Tropical Fungus on Photo Equipment / By Lt. W. F. Aanes

T. O. Review

T. O.s of the Month

Kits Cuddle Cold Engines / By Lt. Col. W. B. Droge

Let’s Diminish Home Front Hazards / By Robert Sigmond

Conserve Your Respirator / By Maj. Henry N. Parrish

E. R. Shipments Are Hot Ones / By Maj. James L. Elliott

No Rough Buff for Caliber .50s / By Lt. W. A. Gray

Repair Unit Bivouacs Concealed / By Maj. P. H. Giddens

Swingin’ Down the Line