Plane Facts 1943 11 (PDF)


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Volume I  No. 6  November 1943

Articles in this Issue …

Can You Beat This?

Snow Shall Not Stay Them / By Maj. H. Mullan, and Capt. P. M. Goff

Baby Your Battery / By C. E. Walker

That Pesky 5 Per Cent / By Col. J. F. Early

Engine Repair Data Needed / By Capt. L. S. Bettison

Air-Cooled Engine Fins Are Reworked / By Leo Knox

Change Hydraulic System Packing in P-47 / By R. E. Knapp

Mobile Units on the Move / By Col. N. P. Justice and Capt. C. F. Jones

Engine Barrels Will Be Chrome-Plated / By Lt. W. E. Yates

Letter Listings Out of Parts Catalogs / By A. R. Hall

The Gadgeteer

Tests C-46 at High Altitude / By Paul F. Adair

The WACs Are Here! / By Lt. Budd A. Willetts

Staging Progressive Overhaul / By Clarence T. Derickson

We’re ASCing You

Get into Hot Water / By Capt. A. J. deRosset

Stay on the Good Side of Safety! / By Capt. E. C. Stinson

Account for Military Training / By Maj. J. M. McCampbell

Paper Protects Precision Parts / By Lt. J. J. Davis

Increased Output on New Type Fuel / By Col. R. K. Cooper

Check Parachute Lines / By Albert T. Polinsky

T. O. Review

T. O.s of the Month

New Meter Checks Intervalometer / By M. H. Gray

Training Devices Have Navy Markings / By Lt. W. P. Bacon

Modify Emergency Rescue Radio / By Maj. G. A. Zahn

Carbon Mike Adapter for SCR-522 Radio / By C. R. Bruyr

Motor Scooters Require Careful Handling

How to Charge with Gas / By Lt. G. H. Tryon

Leaves Fall in Fall / By Lt. E. D. Rich

PLANE FACTS Index of Back Issues

Count Your Blessings / By Col. E. J. Griffin

Military Personnel to Vote / By Capt. R. M. Harris

Swingin’ Down the Line