Plane Facts 1943 10 (PDF)


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Volume I  No. 5  October 1943

Double Fete / By Maj. Gen. Walter H. Frank

Can You Beat This?

Saga of a B-26 / By V. O. Knox

How to Remove L-G Retainer Nut / By T. J. Chalfant

These Critical Hours / By Maj. Gen. Clements McMullen

SOS for Obsolete Airplanes / By Maj. A. A. Watson

Engine Exhausts Modified / By F. E. Metcalf

C-53 Cargo Problems Explained / By H. E. Duffy

Inexorable Flood of Supplies / By Maj. Gen. L. T. Miller

Tool Kits Vital for Crew’s Safety / By Maj. Orville Myers

Man Won’t Bite This Dog! / By Lt. Budd A. Willets

Human Element Brings Action / By Brig. Gen. E. E. Adler

Injuries Must Be Lessened / By Maj. H. D. Immel

Calling All Ideas for Victory / By Lt. E. D. Rich

The Gadgeteer

Kit Weighs Plane Electrically / By D. D. Gensemer

VIII AF Gives Cue on Fuel System / By Al Ruskin

List A-N- British Metal Tubing Equivalents

Clean Aeronautical Equipment Carefully / By Maj. H. N. Parrish

Correct Studs Failure / By Capt. E. D. Hoover, Jr.

Solderless Terminals

Publication Distribution System Changed / By Lt. Col. O. J. Libert

Camouflage Maintenance – Why It’s Done / By Col. Craig Smyser

T. O. Review

Save the Life Savers / By Maj. E. W. Snygg

Information Please / By Lt. Col. A. A. Winters

Radio Wrinkles for Mechs / By Capt. K. A. Carmin

Planes, Too, Get Curb Service (Picture Story) / By Lt. F. P. Goulston

C-46s Get Face Lifting / By A. H. Brownfield

Save Your Sight! / By Robert Sigmond

New Machine Simplifies Pre-Oiling / By Lt. C. F. Andrews

Mobile Repair Sets / By C. W. Van Campen

Pins Cause Stuck-up Noses / By T. O. Coolen

AAF Illustrated Catalogs Speed Supplies / By Lt. D. L. Louthan

Take Care of Electrically Heated Duds

Swingin’ Down the Line