Plane Facts 1943 09 (PDF)


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Volume 1  No. 4  September 1943

Got a Chew, Buddy? / By Pete Klover

Vast Reclamation Program Started. / By Leo A. Knox

Expedite Important U.Rs / By Lt. Col. J. E. Shuck

Crate Instruments Carefully / By Lt. R. G. Frank and J. G. Baer

The Gadgeteer

Broken Studs Extracted by Electricity / By Lt. John E. McIntee

Take It Easy, Samson / By Harry J. Chapman

Modify Trainer Engines. / By Lt. L. T. McIntee, Jr.

T. O. Review

B-17s Get Modifications / By E. O. Maurer

Bearing Failures Overcome. / By Major Cliff Bergere

Bombsight Instructions Reclassified. / By Ann Russell

Swingin’ Down the Line

Laughs on the Line