Plane Facts 1943 07 (PDF)


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Volume 1  No. 2   July 1943

Editorial / By Maj. Gen. C. McMullen

Cannibalism / By Col. Jos. T. Morris

Dousing Tell-Tale Plumes. / By Capt. G. Nassauer

Cleaning R-670 Crankpins. / By Lt. J. T. Mclntee, Jr.

The Gadgeteer

How to Service C. I. Air Filters

Plywood Tabs for AT-6s

Beat the Heat / By Lt. Col. G. Sladczyk

Change in T. O. Kit System / By Capt. W. M. Modisette, Jr.

T. O. Review

Manual Bomb Release for P-38s / By Capt. A. J. Schneider

Carburetor Filter Modification

AN-RAF Petroleum Standardization / By Lt. Col. C. C. Carpenter

Develop Universal Fastener / By Maj. E. J. Smith

Mechanics Creed / By Anonymous

Laughs On the Line