Pauke-Pauke 1944 nr 03 (PDF)




Our General speaks, photo of Generaloberst Stumpff and Schmid; photo by war correspondent Pirath
Major Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein and Hauptmann Meurer; story by war correspondent Horst Bree, photos by Seuffert
So are our youngers; story of 21 year old wing commander before a night mission (Staffelfuehrer); story by war correspondent Horst Bree
Luftwaffe Command HQ; story by Unteroffizier Hans Berben; photos by Pirath, Seuffert, Grosse
Two pilots playing chess
From enemy’s mouth, reports from allies
A story from Lw. Helferin Anita Ehrenhofer
Drawing by H. Recksiegel