Pauke-Pauke 1944 nr 02 (PDF)




Our General speaks, photo of Generalfeldmarschall Milch and General Korten done by war correspondent Pirath
The last battle order of Oberstleutnant Philipp; story by war correspondent Mueller-Engstfeld
Oberstlt. Oesau; photo by war correspondent Seuffert
The first week, photo of Generalmajor Galland; photo by war correspondent Hoess, drawing by Kutzner, story by Max Rieger
Between two starts, getting Focke-Wulfs ready fro combat, one FW plane tail number is 430352; photos by war correspondent Seuffert
Our new Knight Cross Wearers, 4 Lancasters in one night shot down by Nachtjaeger Oberleutnant Schnaufer; story by war correspondent Horst Bree, also pictures of Oberfeldwebel Kubisch and Scheibe
Story of a shot down US pilot, plane tail number 231175 with letter B above it; drawing by Kutzner
Terror with prayer, a story from outside Germany (Ausland)
A fighter-pilot (Jaeger) tells his story; photos by war correspondent Seuffert
12 pages