Paris 1944 12 26 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 152
Nazi Flank Forced Back ….. Foe’s Drive Slowed for Second Day ….. 3,500 Allied Planes Pound Enemy ….. Air Fleets Out for 3rd Day in Row ….. Christmas Was Blazing ‘Holiday of Hell’ For Nazi Troops Harassed by Air Fleet ….. 196 Planes of Luftwaffe Blasted; U.S. Losses Listed at 78 ….. Black Widow Prowls Front, Stings JU88 In Sky Duel ….. Robots Reported Over Manchester ….. Winning Slogans Announced In Tire Conservation Contest ….. 77th Division Closes In On Last Leyte Port ….. Strike on Underground Keeps Londoners Home Photos: Thunderbolts Watch Over Tank Columns; Black Widow; Gen Hodges; and Gen. MacArthur