Paris 1944 12 14 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 140
1st Army Opens New Drive Below Hurtgen; Pre-Hitler Border in Saar Is Pierced ….. Last Metz Bastion Captured After 3-Week Siege ….. Dillingen Tough Nut to Crack – But Men of 90th Division Do It ….. Ninth AF Aids Hodges’ Drive ….. ASF, AAF To Transfer 65,000 Men ….. ELAS Scorns British Terms ….. Jap Fought in Florida – His CO Told Him So ….. Nagoya, Tokyo Bombed; Leyte Convoy Cut Up ….. Japs Reported Quitting Tokyo in Fear of Bombs ….. British Wives Seek U.S. Visas ….. ‘Five-Star’ Officers Now Up to Roosevelt ….. U.S.-Bound Joes Sweat Out Paris ….. Photo: Armor to Artillery to Air Force