Paris 1944 12 12 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 138
2 Key Alsatian, Saar Cities fall to Yanks; Mightiest Bomber Fleet Hits Reich ….. Patterson Tells U.S. Drive Is ‘Ahead Of Schedule’ ….. 500 Italian-Based Heavies Assault Vienna Area ….. Nazis Rush Aid To Stem Drive For Budapest ….. House Votes 5th Star For ‘General of Army’ Julich Sportpalast Hit by U.S. Planes ….. Nazi Counter-Attacks Halted by 8th Army ….. 77th Division Takes Ormoc, Dooms Leyte Garrison ….. End of Jap War In 1949 Seen ….. Bradley Lists ‘Battle Orders’ For GIs Dealing With Nazis ….. Photo: GI Handiwork On Siegfried Line