Paris 1944 12 05 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 132
Patton Holds 35 Mile Front Inside Reich as 7th Army Forges North in Rhineland ….. 9th Army Fights To Clear Roer’s West Bank ….. Saarlautern Afire As Infantry Mops Up ….. Inden Trenches Cleared of Nazi Troops, Tanks ….. Nazis Kill Own Men Who Tried to Give Up ….. Anti-Nazis Increasing, Says Goering Friend ….. Soviet Troops 60 Miles From Austrian Border ….. General Strike Ties Up Athens ….. CIO Heads, in London, Will Visit Continent ….. Joseph C. Grew Named Stettinius Aide ….. Only One Superfort Lost In 4 Attacks on Tokyo ….. Photo: Nazis Destroy Bridges Over Rhine