Paris 1944 11 25 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 124
7th Army in Strasbourg ….. Patton Crosses Saar; Allies Move On Cologne Plain ….. Lone Tank Annihilates 125 Nazi Vehicles in Six Hours ….. Superforts Bomb Tokyo in Daylight Raid ….. Jap Capital Hit by New B29 Outfit ….. Phone Strikers Return to Jobs ….. Overseas-Bound Smokes Stolen; 3 Nabbed by FBI ….. Draftees Must Serve Abroad, Canada Rules ….. Russians Drive Enemy From All of Esthonia ….. ETO Veterans May See China ….. Long, Long Trail Winds Up For U.S. Red Ball Highway ….. 8th Spans Cosina River, Sets Up 5 Bridgeheads ….. Photos: Nazi Pooch Barks Up the Wrong Tree and Danielle Darrieux – French Film Star