Paris 1944 09 13 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 61 – Wednesday, Sept. 13, 1944 ……….. Articles’ Headlines: … Invade Reich at 2nd Point – Berlin Say Yanks Aim for Cologne; Le Havre Taken ….. How the Yanks Crossed Their Last Frontier / By Henry C. Gorrell ….. Army Picking Up, Returning GIs Stranded, Lost in Paris ….. Bombs Forced Bearing Works Underground – 8th AF Officiate See Damage Inflicted and New Plants / By Peter Lisagor ….. Roosevelt and Churchill Hold First Quebec Talk ….. Blast Mindanao By Sea and Air ….. Mighty Fortress Eben Emael Falls to Yanks Without a Shot / By G. K. Hodenfield ….. Siegfried Line Hit; Luftwaffe Belted Again – Mediums Pound Ground Defenses; Heavies Stir Another Big Battle ….. BLOOD AND GUTS’ FILM ( Gen. George S. Patton ) ….. French Seize 18,000 Nazis ….. Liberation of Belgium Will Hit Nazi Economy ….. Nazi Spies Still on the Prowl in Paris / By Gladwin Hill ….. The B BAG — Blow It Out Here – Dem Bums Again – For the Defense – Air Force Complaint – Home, Sweet Home ….. Hash Marks ….. Somewhere In Europe ….. It’s a Thorough Business, This Bidding Army Goodbye — Step-by-Step Process of How Some Day You Will Be Discharged Is Explained In Full Detail / By Bud Hutton ….. Phillies’ Pitcher ( Charles Schanz ) By Pap ….. Packers Defeat Boston Yankees In Exhibit, 28-0 ….. Army All-Stars to Play Brooklyn Tigers Oct. 2 ….. Redskin Coach Counting on ‘T’ ….. Lopez Equals Record ….. Yanks Remain In Lead; Tigers Take 2nd Place – St. Louis Misses Chance To Tie New York, Drops to Third ….. Musial, In Hospital ….. Li’l Abner / By Al Capp ….. Terry And The Pirates / By Milton Caniff ….. Ernie Gets a Double ( Ernie Pyle ) ….. Soviets Strike For Road Link With Warsaw – Patrols Make Repeated Thrusts Across River Into East Prussia ….. Aid Sent Warsaw Poles ….. Pope Lauds Allied Troops ….. Canned Foods Taken Off 17.5. Ration List ….. Grow Commends Ack-Ack Unit That Bagged 16 Planes ( Maj. Gen. Robert W. Grow ) ….. Linkup With British Climaxed 150-Mi. Push by 3rd Armored ….. Yanks Push On In Vesoul Area ….. Allies in Italy Are Now 34 Miles from Bologna ….. De Gaulle Pays Tribute to U.S. ….. Draft to Keep the Peace Is Urged by Forrestal ( James V. Forrestal ) ….. World Parley Is Planned on Civil Aviation – Over 50 Nations Invited To Attend Talks to Be Held in U.S. ….. GOP Wins Maine ….. Gipsy Writing, Divorcing ( Gipsy Rose Lee ) ….. Seek Permanent Jobs ….. 60 Pct. Of Beef For Army ….. Get Out of Way, ‘Ike’ Tells German People