Outfit 1945 04 02 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 19 …….. Cover: Pvt. Mike Carillo is one of five Los Angeles paratrooper brothers, one of whom was killed in Sicily. Mike, who got his in France with the 507th Regt., is in Hammond General Hospital, Modesto, California ……. Articles Inside … Sound Off ….. ETO ( Armored Divisions – 2d, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th … Air Forces – 8th … Infantry Divisions – 1st, 2d, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 29th, 30th, 35th, 42d, 63d, 66th, 69th, 70th, 75th, 76th, 78th, 79th, 80th, 83d, 84th, 87th, 90th, 100th, 102d, 104th and 106th ) ….. MEDITERRANEAN ( 10th Mountain, 34th Infantry Division, 133d Infantry Regiment, 135th Infantry Regiment, 168th Infantry Regiment, 109th Medical Battalion, 125th FA Bn, 109th Engineers, 85th Infantry Division, 337th Infantry Regiment, 329th FA Bn, 338th Infantry Regiment, 88th Infantry Division, 91st Infantry Division, 363d Infantry Regiment, 92d Infantry Division, 15th AF, 1st Fighter Group and 340th Bomb Group ) ….. HONORED FOR VALOR ( Cpl. Robert D. Maxwell, Sgt. James F. Connor, Lt. James L. Harris, Pvt. Constantino V. Natoli, Cpl Arthur M. Bruce, T/Sgt. George E. Larson, T/5 Harold Hanlon, T/4 Manfred Loeb, S/Sgt. Joseph N. Kloptosky, Lt. Crafton A. Palmer, T/Sgt. Arthur P. Murphy, Lt. Charles W. Shea Jr., Pvt. John R. Towle, T/5 Eric Gunnar Gibson, Lt. Harry H. Semmes Jr., Cpl. William T. Sellman and Cpl. Harold C. Krull ) ….. BATTLE BIOGRAPHIES ( 551st Parachute Infantry Bn, 200th FA Bn, 313th Medical Bn, 120th AAA Bn, 151st FA Bn, 13th AAF and 38th Signal Construction Bn ) ….. PACIFIC ( 6th Infantry Division, 6th Army, 738th MP Bn, 931st Engineer Construction Group, 951st AA Automatic Weapons Bn, 1st Cavalry, 7th Infantry Division, 11th Airborne Division, 24th Infantry “Victory” Division, 25th Infantry “Tropic Lightning” Division, 32d Infantry “Red Arrow” Division, 33d Infantry Division, 38th Infantry “Cyclone” Division, 40th Infantry Division, 41st Infantry “Sunset” Division, 77th Infantry “Statue of Liberty” Division, 96th Infantry “Deadeye” Division, 27th Infantry “Galla Vanter” Division, 81st Infantry “Wildcat” Division, 353d Engineer Construction Bn, 5th AF and 7th AF ) ….. CARIBBEAN ( 6th AF, Infantry TR Center and 48th Base Squadron ) ….. MIDDLE EAST ….. PERSIAN GULF ….. ALASKA ( 713th Signal AW Co, 3066th Ord Serv Co, 859th Ship Repair Co, 762d Signal AW Co, 1409th QM Co, 843d Signal Bn and 9207th Tech Serv Unit ) ….. INDIA-BURMA ( 10th AAF, MARS Task Force and 1330th AAF Bn ) ….. CHINA ( HQ 14th AF ) ….. Fighting Faces