Our Navy 1942 08 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXVII No. 5

Cover: Command of our Pacific Fleet is in the hands of one of the finest and most able officers the United States Navy has ever had. Many of you have served under him and know how true this is; to those of you who do not know him: meet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN, Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet.

Articles Inside: Traditions of the Navy

Our Naval Views and Comments

Pacific Commander – Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was Handed the Task of Breaking the Back of Jap Sea Power in the Pacific at a Time When the Job was an Unenviable Onebut He is Doing it. A Few Sidelights on a Modest Man and a Great Fighter By Ralph A. Jordan

The Bishop’s Story – The Death of a Colorful Figure Brings to Mind an Anecdote. By James M. Lewis

Double Trouble – Meet Squeak Williams and Blackie Regan, the Boys Who Were Behind the Door When the Brains Were Passed Out. By Charles Gladden and Illustrated by Carl Kidwell

Sailors’ Snapshots – Photos by Sailors By Paul Watson

Scuttlebutt Scandals By Bozo

Mrs. Sims Goes to Town – Mother of Five Navy Sons Sponsors a Fleet Tug. By J. W. Gates

Foreign Naval News- Vichy Has World’s Most Powerful Destroyers, Her Subs Coveted By Hitler. By Jay Launer

Non-Combatant – The Story of Doc, a Pharmacist’s Mate Who Got the Navy Cross, and Rated It. By A. T. Williams

It Ain’t Necessarily So – Wherein a Sailor Rips into the Defenses of Doug Wilson, the Yeoman’s Champion. By Sandy Egaux

Swimming in the Open Sea ( Training Memo )

Maui Tank Dedicated

The Inquiring Fotographer

Roundup on the War- Military and Naval Aspects of World War II. By Fletcher Platt

Naval Cancels and Cachets By Marshall R. Hall

Salt Shakers By Walt Munson

Bulletin Board of Naval Interest

Awards, Commendations and Promotions

Honor Roll РMedal of Honor РCaptain Albert H. Rooks, USN; Ensign Francis Charles Flaherty, USNR and Thomas James Reeves, CRM 

Navy Sports at Treasure Island – Boxers at the Section Base Learn the Rudiments from Noted Fighters; Baseball Team Scores 20th Victory. By Harry Dwyer

There’s No Place Like Coney ( Island )

Personnel Information РPromotions to Chief РTaps for Shipmates 

Notes of Interest

Lay Aft on the Fantail

The Skipper and the Boot By Jack Watson