Our Navy 1941 05 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 23 ……. Cover: The world’s fastest military airplane, the new Navy XF4U-I long-range fighter, powered by a 2,000 h. p. Pratt & Whitney engine and capable of a cruising speed of 425 miles an hour. Rudy Arnold Photo ……. Articles inside this issue: … Traditions of the Navy by C. W. Windas ….. Our Naval Views and Comments by the Editor ….. The David W. Taylor Model Basin – At Carderock, Maryland, the Navy’s Magnificent New Model Basin Begins Operations. By Capt. Harold E. Saunders, USN ….. Streamlined Hospital Corps By B. M. Violet ….. The Little Woman as a Household Fixture – The Author of “How Do You Woo” Gives Some Advice to Newlyweds. By F. P. McRae ….. Our Position in the Atlantic – The Weakest Link in Our Chain of Atlantic Defenses Lies in South America. By Donald W. Mitchell ….. Speed Run – It Took Plenty of Brawn and Muscle to Stand a Steaming Watch in the Old Coal-burning Cruisers. By R. A. Harriman ….. Scuttlebutt Scandals by Bozo ….. Sailor’s Snapshots ( Prize winning photos by Sailors ) By Bob White ….. Unofficial Conversation by Rex R. Schwenneker ….. The Wearin’ o’ the Blue by Charles G. Murphy ….. Island of Forgotten Men – Tortured Prisoners–Cursing Guards–Daring Escapes–Shark Infested Waters–Recapture and Death. By Frank J. Madden ….. Sliding Down the Ways – Our Warships Being Launched and Commissioned During the Coming Year. By Jay Launer ….. Trailers for Navymen by R. J. Bryant ….. Turkey Joins the Shellbacks ….. Roundup on the War – Military and Naval Aspects of the European Situation. By Fred Fletcher ….. Naval Cancels and Cachets by Marshall R. Hall ….. Salt Shakers by Walt Munson ….. Bulletin Board of Naval Interest ….. USS North Carolina Joins the Fleet ….. Pertinent Paragraphs by Pop Jones ….. Pensacola Basketball Champs By S. B. Giles ….. Athletics in the Fleet by Harry Dwyer ….. Personnel Information ….. Book Reviews ….. Notes of Interest ….. Your Hawaiian Reporter by Skip Helm ….. The Skipper and the Boot by Jack Watson ….. USS Snapper on Third Cover