Our Navy 1941 04 15 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 22 ……. Cover: Sinking his teeth into a slice of pineapple, Thomas Richardson, WT1c of the USS Concord, appears to be enjoying his sojourn in those Paradise Isles. ……. Articles inside this issue: … Traditions of the Navy by C. W. Windas ….. Our Naval Views and Comments by the Editor ….. Shadow of the Swastika – A Swiftly Moving Tale of the Naval Intelligence Service. By R. C. Fay ….. Asiatic Fleet Champions by Joseph H. Brubaker ….. Aviation Machinist’s Mate School at Pensacola by Harry D. Hall ….. The Navy Recruiting Service by Captain F. E. M. Whiting ….. Bilges I Have Known – Being the Unfortunate Experience of a Navy Bilge Diver. By R. A. Harriman ….. Before Your Time – Excerpts from Our Navy of 30 Years Ago ….. Our New Naval Bases by John B. Atkins ….. Scuttlebutt Scandals by Bozo ….. Naval Notes from Abroad by A. G. Cole ….. A Happy Ship by A. R. Dyson ….. Navy Housing in Norfolk – Low-Rent Homes for Navy Families are Fast Becoming a Reality in Norfolk. By Charles G. Murphy ….. Those Three Marines ( A Short Story ) By Richard A. Lovci ….. Tug Boat Duty – Some Worthwhile Advice to Prospective Tug Boat Sailors. By Matt Hensley ….. It’s a Great Game – But You Can’t Beat It – A Navy Deserter Tells His Experiences ….. Roundup on the War – Military and Naval Aspects of the European Situation. By Fletcher Platt ….. Flash by Lillian Thomas ….. Salt Shakers by Walt Munson ….. Bulletin Board of Naval Interest ….. Pertinent Paragraphs by Pop Jones ….. Quarters Allowance Authorized ….. Around San Francisco by Robert L. Spencer ….. Personnel Information ….. Navy Wives Defense Corps ….. Three Years on the Good Ship Warrington by Roy H. Suberly ….. Seattle’s Recreation Center By C. M. Litteljohn ….. Notes of Interest ….. Your Hawaiian Reporter by Skip Helm ….. The Skipper and the Boot by Jack Watson ….. USS Worden on Third Cover