Our Navy 1941 04 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 21 ……. Cover: A pictorial flight view of three new Vought-Sikorsky OS2U-I U. S. Navy observation and scout monoplanes flying in perfect echelon formation en route from the factory at Bridgeport, Connecticut, to ultimate delivery for use on board the battleship Mississippi. The airplanes pictured here are land planes, but they can easily be changed to float airplanes for use as catapult aircraft aboard battleships or cruisers. ……. Articles inside this issue: … Traditions of the Navy by C. W. Windas ….. Our Naval Views and Comments by The Editor ….. Tomorrow’s American Navy – A Description of the Greatest Naval Expansion Program in All History. By Donald W. Mitchell ….. Beware of Boom Towns by G. M. Marlde ….. Mast Ho! by C. M. Litteljohn ….. Wasps of the Sea – An Interesting Account of American Destroyer Types. By Logan E. Ruggles ….. When Jenny Lind Sang the Star Spangled Banner By Walter K. Putney ….. Scuttlebutt Scandals by Bozo ….. The Naval Reserve Radio School – An Old Soldier’s Home Becomes Navy’s Busiest Training School ….. Dangerous Cargo – A Blue Water Sailor Tries His Luck on the Great Lakes. By J. McDowell Morgan ….. USS Detroit Brothers By W. W. Hinkle ….. When the Navy Got Caught in the Woods – A Description of One of the Strangest Adventures in Naval Annals By Paul Twitchell ….. Sailor’s Snapshots ( Prize winning photos by Sailors ) By Bob White ….. Beelzebub vs. Navy – The Devil Gets His Due in This Phantasy of the Underworld By Guy Fontaine ….. The Alaska Patrol by Robert L. Spencer ….. Roundup on the War – Military and Naval Aspects of the European Situation. By Fred Fletcher ….. Unsung Heroes of Pay Receipts By W. J. Sicard ….. Naval Cancels and Cachets by Marshall R. Hall ….. Salt Shakers by Walt Munson ….. Bulletin Board of Naval Interest ….. Advancements in Ratings ….. Pertinent Paragraphs by Pop Jones ….. Personnel Information ….. Vessels Under Construction ….. How Do You Like It? by E. L. Robberson ….. No More Bananas by Vance Griffith ….. Two-Fisted See Nav by John Bunyan Atkins ….. Notes of Interest ….. Your Hawaiian Reporter by Skip Helm ….. The Skipper and the Boot by Jack Watson ….. USS Trenton on Third Cover