Our Navy 1941 03 15 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 20 ……. Cover: A Navy welder at work on one of Uncle Sam’s new warships. Men like he are playing a vital role in the National Defense. ……. Articles inside this issue: … Traditions of the Navy by C. W. Windas ….. Our Naval Views and Comments by The Editor ….. Can America Be Invaded? – An Outstanding Naval Expert Analyzes America’s Defense Problems. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Oddities in the Service by J. L. Cayton ….. Fool Proof – Even the Best Laid Plans Sometimes Go Astray By Thomas Cavanaugh ….. Salty Rhymes ….. The Air Arm of the Navy – An Authoritative, Up-to-the-Minute Picture of Our Expanding Naval Aviation Activities. By J. B. Hancock ….. Scuttlebutt Scandals by Bozo ….. That Pacific Paradise – Our Navy’s Associate Editor Gives You His Version of the Hawaiian Islands. By Charles M. Hatcher ….. The Ford Trade School ….. Pensacola Prelude by J. A. Garland ….. Naval Notes from Abroad – Britain’s New Battleships. By A. G. Cole ….. Admiral Kimmel Assumes Command of Fleet. by Harry Dwyer ….. Roundup on the War – Military and Naval Aspects of the European Situation. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Flash by Lillian Thomas ….. Salt Shakers by Walt Munson ….. Bulletin Board of Naval Interest ….. An All-Purpose Warship for Hemisphere Defense by Jay Launer ….. The New Marine Corps – New Fleet Missions Involve the Closest Sort of Co-operation with the Marine Corps. By Harvey L. Miller ….. Pertinent Paragraphs by Pop Jones ….. Looking ‘Em Over by Harry Dwyer ….. Bat. Div. Three Boxing and Wrestling Bouts by Jack Jordan ….. Personnel Information ….. Notes of Interest ….. Around San Francisco by Robert L. Spencer ….. Your Hawaiian Reporter by Skip Helm ….. Don Winslow of the Navy ….. The Skipper and the Boot by Jack Watson ….. USS Mustin on Third Cover