Our Navy 1941 02 01 (PDF)


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Vol. XXXV No. 17 ……. Cover: For our St. Valentine Cover we present this interesting shot of pretty Hilda Wilschek showing Dan Matthew how Cupid does his stuff with bow and arrow. ……. Articles inside this issue: … Traditions of the Navy by C. W. Windas ….. Our Naval Views and Comments by The Editor ….. The Story of the Free Balloon – Some Highly Interesting Facts and Fancies about a Little Known Branch of Aeronautics. By Lieut, (jg) Frank A. Turner, USNR ….. Me’n Jake – Old Jake Didn’t Believe in those New-fangled AA Directors–and Maybe He Was Right. By Durand Kiefer ….. Scuttlebutt Scandals by Bozo ….. We Want Liberty – A Sailor’s Plea for Better Recreational Facilities by CM ….. The Case of the Missing Triple-Expansion Reciprocating Engine by Barney Barnett ….. Oddities in the Service by J. L. Cayton ….. Sailor’s Snapshots ( Prize winning photos by Sailors ) By Bob White ….. What Kind of a Man is a Sailor? – Well Read This Article and You Should Have a Pretty Good Idea. By Gene Fredericks ….. Modern Homes for Navymen By C. M. Litteljohn ….. And the Uniform Was Rain Clothes by Ardith Wilna ….. How Jacksonville Got the Naval Air Base by H. W. Phillips … Meet Panama – Our Fiery Neighbor to the South Has a Colorful History. By Harold Willis ….. Speaking About Typewriters by George E. Kenoyer ….. Roundup on the War – Military and Naval Aspects of the European Situation. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Naval Cancels and Cachets by Marshall R. Hall ….. Salt Shakers by Walt Munson ….. Bulletin Board of Naval Interest ….. Naval Air Tragedy – Twelve Navy Fliers Killed in Double Mishap ….. Pertinent Paragraphs by Pop Jones ….. Athletics at Bremerton by Harry Dwyer ….. Personal Information ….. Book Review ….. Notes of Interest ….. Your Hawaiian Reporter by Skip Helm ….. The Skipper and the Boot by Jack Watson ….. USS Henderson on Third Cover