Our Army 1943 02 (PDF)




Vol. XV No. 2
68 pages
Cover: Disguised as a tropical grasshopper or whatever you may call it, Private First Class John Lombardi adds a bit of finishing makeup to his physiognomy so that he will blend perfectly into the green vegetation of the tropical terrain. He wears a sniper’s suit which is super duper au fait when it comes to operating in the jungles. Our troops in the Solomons, New Guinea, and other tropical spots use this type of camouflage to very good advantage. This picture is used by Our Army courtesy Public Relations Office, Camp Blanding, Florida. …….. Inside Articles: … Front and Center ….. German-Jap Rendezvous By Jack Bishop ….. In the Philippines – No Planes ( The Story of the 27th Bombardment Group ) ….. Strictly G. I. By Phil Magee ….. The Improvised City Fort By Colonel of the U. S. Army ….. Peace Loving Man By G. I. Buck ….. Easy, Soldier, Easy By Walter M. Megronigle ….. I Am An American By Gladyn Condor ….. A G. I. View of the Public. By C.W.O. Ben Segal ….. Silly Salvos ….. It Happens in Ireland By Sergeant Kenneth L. Wood ….. Pass in Review By Herbert E. Smith ….. Real Date By Private Len Zinberg ….. Praise the Lord and Pass the Pass By Private Len Zinberg ….. The Cure By Corwin Robbie ….. New Books Worth Reading ….. Our Armys Cross Word Puzzle ….. Until You Come Back By Mary Mabel McClallen ….. Editorial ….. Army Characters The Griper By Cpl. Sam Greenberg ….. Keep Your Powder Dry By Walt Munson