Our Army 1942 10 (PDF)


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Vol. XIV No. 10 ……. Cover: The cover picture this time is of the “Jungle Mudders” – three Soldiers who are campaigning on one of our bases in the Caribbean. They are Coast Artillerymen and normally man one of the C.A.’s big guns – coast defense or anti-aircraft, but they are trained in every phase of jungle warfare. In case of an enemy landing they might have to meet the enemy as Infantry troops, creeping through the mud and disease infested jungles to ferret out the opposing troops one by one. And they are being trained for just that. The three Soldiers shown in the picture have just come through a grueling jungle scouting expedition and while they show signs of considerable wear and tear – they are still smiling. It’s all in the day’s work for the Soldier! The photo is Army Official, special to Our Army Magazine. …….. Inside Articles: … Front and Center ….. Editorial ….. Top Kicks Attain Top Pay ….. Between The Lines By Burgo D. Gill ….. Let Us Not Underestimate Japan By Howard Snyder ….. I Like G.I. Haircuts By Sgt. F. H. Jeter, Jr. ….. The Last Weapon By Adolf Caspary ….. What Soldiers are like By Burgo D. Gill ….. The Habit of Obedience By Master Sergeant Walter F. Kennedy ….. A Jerk In The A.E.F By Sgt. Irving Israel ….. Silly Salvos ….. Who Says It Cant ….. Pass In Review ….. I’ll Be Waiting For You By Mary Mabel McClallen ….. Our Army X-Word Puzzle ….. The Ladies Lend a Hand By Lt. George R. Comte ….. At Ease By Sgt. Irving Israel ….. What It Takes…To Make Warrant Officer ( Part II ) ….. With The Army Poets ….. Jug Head Justice ….. From A Chaplains Point of View By Chaplain C. LeRoy Hacker ….. Down For Double By G. I. Buck ….. Who-What-When-Why-Where ….. Keep ‘Em Writing By Jasper B. Sinclair ….. On The Hawaiian Front By Lt. K. S. Vandergrift ….. U. S. Aircraft Are Safe By 1st. Lt. James A. Carvin ….. The First D.S.C. Awards By Jasper D. Sinclair ….. Keep Your Powder Dry By Walt Munson