Open Road for Boys 1945 05 (PDF)


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Vol. XXVII No. 4 ……. Cover: Antiaircraft by Dean P. Waite ……. Articles Inside: … Clear Sky Below: A sailing canoe vies with a motor boat in a thrilling chase. By Millard Ward and Illustrated by Charles Hargens ….. Workin’ on the Railroad: What many high-school boys are doing to speed the war effort. By Carrol C. Hall ….. Smart Baseball: The Sports Editor tells of outstanding plays and players. By Arthur Sampson and Illustrated by Gene Mack ….. Larry Bowen and the White Hawk: In the clutches of the Nazi spy ring. ( Part 4 ) By John Adams Patterson and Illustrated by Cleveland Woodward ….. Tom Turner at Hamilton: In which a boastful baseball candidate gets a surprise. By Arthur Sampson and Illustrated by Victor Johnson ….. Smart Boy: Fur flies when he and his corporal meet. By Lt. Ray Irwin and Illustrated by Cleveland Woodward ….. High Jumping Styles: Old styles and new. By Gene Mack ….. Nightmare Off Natma: Air and sea action in the South Pacific. By Selden M. Loring and Illustrated by Henry Moore Picken ….. Science of the Times By William P. Keasbey ….. Your Future in Aviation ( Part 3 ): Featuring the job of a Control-Tower Operator By Gene Kropf ….. Down on the Farm: A Quiz to find how much you know about farming. With Alan A. Brown ….. Speaking of the Movies – Bob Green Says ….. 13th Annual Open Road Rifle Match: Calling all target shooters ….. Solution of the Blue Key Mystery: Announcing the winning detectives. ….. Shutter Shots By Ray Bearse ….. Read’em and Grin ….. Pioneers’ Club By Deep-river Jim ….. The Pesky Crow By Merle V. Keith ….. Hints on Fishing By Ted Barton ….. Cartoon Contests ….. Stamps By Paul Randolph