North American Skyline 1945 05-06 (PDF)



Vol. 6 No. 3
Cover: The Kodachrome on our cover of two valiant China fighters comes from Jack Canary, North American field representative. A year ago, the hard-pressed Chinese armies and the U. S. Fourteenth Air Force fell back before the drive of Japan’s continental army. Now once more the Allies are thrusting back the enemy.
Inside Cover: Shown in Stan Boyd’s Kodachrome is a clear plastic model of the decompression sphere built preliminary to construction of the $2,500,000 Cooperative Wind Tunnel at Cal Tech, Pasadena, Calif. Financed by North American and three other aircraft companies, the huge tunnel provides new means for advanced research. Mrs. Joane Miller is examining the Mustang model.
Articles Inside:
Fighter Attack – Now it can be told, the system whereby Mustangs provided Britain-based bombers with protection on missions against European objectives. By Colonel J. K. McDuffie
Airpower: Front Line of Defense – Supremacy in the air can keep the world at peace, if we plan now. Without air power our civilization can be laid low by aerial attack. Illustrated by George Sheppard
Results Guaranteed – Designing an aircraft
Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy
Wood Shops
So This Is Texas — And This Is Kansas — And Here’s California – Artist Dennis McCarthy on a three-plant tour makes a record of the highlights of North American activities in the year 1945.
Fighter’s Time Table – Historic events for the P-51 Mustang
Exit the “Mod Center” – Aircraft Modification Centers no longer needed North Americana – “Briefs” on some of the more recent developments in aircraft production
Mustangs on Iwo Jima ( Photo Story )
Starting from Scratch – Designing the C-82 “Packet”
Rest for the Battle-Weary – Airmen suffering from “operational fatigue” cure themselves at the convalescent hospitals of the Army Air Forces.  Guardians of Health – Medical Departments
A Sortie to Remember – By a B-25 in India
The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson
Circuit Riders of the Sky – Excerpts from letters of American Service Representatives at home and abroad
More Range, More Fight – Additions of drop tanks and more munitions to P-51