North American Skyline 1945 03-04 (PDF)



Vol. 6 No. 2 ……. Cover: Come fair or stormy weather, Willie Wingflap finds his stride. With one stroke, he severs the knotty problems confounding the harried and hurried engineers. Time and again, he disputes the laws of science and probability. He is also, as Artist Dennis McCarthy reveals on our cover, a shrewd judge of a trim fuselage. ……. Inside Cover: Reflecting the constant work of improving military aircraft at North American, an experimental P-51D Mustang fighter, piloted by Bob Chilton, no sooner returns to the California flight ramp than it is met by a crew ready to give it a thorough checking. Kodachrome by photographer Stan Boyd, California plant. ……. Articles Inside: … What We Did in 1944 – [ Operations ….. We Built Better Planes Faster ….. Statement of Consolidated Income ….. This Is How We Spent Our Money ….. Here’s How We Worked for Victory ….. Planning for Tomorrow ] ….. Seven-Way Leader – Seven positives of the P-51. By Jack Canary Field Rep in China ….. Qualified for Flattops – Navy Pilots flying SNJ Texans qualify for carriers on the USS Sable and USS Wolverine stationed on Lake Michigan ….. Mustangs Uber Alles – 8th AAF P-51 pilots are making the Germans sing another version of their ” Deutschland Uber Alles” Illustration By Reynold Brown ….. Spares to the Rescue – Spare parts speeding to theaters of combat keep damaged aircraft flying ….. North Americana – “Briefs” on some of the more recent developments in aircraft production ….. Mitchells on Target – Photos of targets hit by Mitchells ….. Eight Years of Employee Suggestions ….. Top Suggestors of 1944 ….. Keep It to Yourself! By A. R. Miller ( Director of Plant Protection ….. The Saga of “Pappy” Gunn – The epic story of a two-fisted flyer who fought a one-man war with the combined Jap sea and land forces ( Col. Paul I. “Pappy” Gunn ) By William B. Dickinson ….. Jack Fox and “Pappy” Gunn – Pictured with Pappy’s B-25 “Pappy’s Folly ….. More About “Bones” – Last B-25 produced at California plant is shown in action over Central Burma ….. T-Day Strategy – Contract Termination Board By A. D. Disney ….. A Fashion Plate of Aprons – Men and their aprons at work. By Dennis McCarthy ….. Rockets Are the Payoff – P-51 mounted with rockets ….. This is Strategic Bombing – B-25s in action over Italy ….. The Revolution’s Here – P-80 The “Shooting Star” ….. Texans Shoot for Keeps – Plant Security Pistol Teams Competitions ….. Super-Fighter: The Mustang – New Book “Super-Fighter: The Mustang” edited by the editors of Air News Magazine ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. Circuit Riders of the Sky – Excerpts from letters of American Service Representatives at home and abroad