North American Skyline 1945 01-02 (PDF)



Vol. 6 No. 1
Cover: Attack is the Mustang pilot’s business, but combat necessitates constant checking and re-pairing. There would be no flying and no bombing without ground crews such as shown on the front cover. To the unglamorized men in this AAF photograph from the European theater must go great credit for the success of P-51 pilots. ……. Inside Cover: Standing on the wing of a Mustang fighter, Sergeant Andrew Adamchik, armorer with the Fourteenth Air Force, China, Scans the sky for aircraft returning from a mission. The picture was made by Sergeant Lou Stoumen, staff correspondent of YANK, the Army Weekly, through whose courtesy it is published here. ……. Articles Inside: … What’s It Like to Ride a Mustang? By Ray Zeman ….. Starring the Slugger – Movies [ Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, The Purple Heart and A Guy Named Joe ] ….. Tooling Innovations ….. Portrait of an Ace By Lieutenant Arthur F. Brown ….. High Score in the Pacific By Colonel C. V. True ….. Steppingstones to Luck By Gill Robb Wilson ….. Desert Finishing School – A dramatic view of the training that makes B-25 crews the world’s best. By Edward J. Ryan ….. Bring ‘Em Back Alive ….. Short-cut Specialists By Cliff Solomon ….. North Americana ( Photo Pages ) ….. Here’s News from “Bones” ( Last B-25 produced at California Plant ) ….. Aircrafters Do Strange Things ….. Presenting the “Packet” ( C-82 ) ….. They Gun the Mitchells By Gennii Pruett ….. Action at Ormoc Bay ….. Doubting Thomases Stand Corrected By Robert C. Hare – The mechanized production lines at the California plant set a high Standard for the aircraft industry. They represent the will to build better. ….. Gadgetry ….. Circuit Riders of the Sky – From reports of field Service representatives and military personnel riding the circuit of global war, come sidelights on the vital Job of keeping North American airplanes flying. ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy