North American Skyline 1944 09-10 (PDF)



Vol. 5 No. 4 ……. Cover: WASP Florene Miller stows her parachute in a new Mustang preparatory to flying it from the 6th Ferrying Group, Ferrying Division, Air Transport Command base, Long Beach, Calif. WASP’s of this group, who ferry more P-51’s than any other type, praise the airplane’s lack of operational trouble on cross-country flights. Color photograph by Stan Boyd, California plant. ……. Inside Cover: Spraying long twisting columns of white smoke, a B-25 in the Southwest Pacific screens from the Japs on shore the movement of United States ships, men, and equipment. The blanket of smoke will enable other Mitchells to attack the enemy with relative safety. AAF photograph. ……. Articles Inside: … Wartime Policy, Postwar Outlook – Outline of NAA’s Company Policies Part 2 By J. H. Kindelberger ….. The Men Who Fly Alone ( P-51 Pilots ) By Sgt. Bill Davidson and Illustrated by George Sheppard ….. Bill Had a Headache – Absenteeism ….. Riding Herd on the Luftwaffe – Story and drawings of a 9th AAF Fighter Base ….. Nerve Center of Airpower – Army Air Forces Materiel and Services Command at Patterson Field ….. Return With Honor ( Motto of the 31st Fighter Group ) – First group to get the new P-51B in the Mediterranean Theater. By R. N. Johnson Field Service Rep ….. Those Fabulous Mustangs ( Reprinted from Air Force magazine ) By Capt. Luther Davis ….. Journey Into War – Ferry Group, Air Transport Command. Sketches by Dennis McCarthy ….. Engines for Mustangs By Colonel J. G. Vincent ….. North Americana ( Photo Pages ) ….. Prelude to Combat – North American takes no chances on a Mitchell’s guns jamming. Perfect operation is insured by firing several thousand rounds on the range. ….. Wanna Buy a Duck? – Funny ads from plant newspapers ….. Camera! Production! – Photography at North American ….. Circuit Riders of the Sky – Excerpts from letters of American Service Representatives at home and abroad ….. Counsel for the Troubled ….. Cargoes of Liberation – Bombs ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. When Words Fail – Use of Hand Signals ….. Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy ….. Off Again–On Again – Salvaging a B-25 in New Guinea¬†