North American Skyline 1944 07-08 (PDF)



Vol. 5 No. 3
36 pages
Cover: Powered with a Rolls-Royce engine and equipped with an all-view “teardrop” canopy, the new P-51 Mustang has a speed of over 425 m.p.h., a ceiling above 40,000 feet, and a tactical radius topping 600 miles as an escort fighter. Color photo by Don Dunn, California plant. Inside Cover: Though attacked viciously by seven Zeros, indomitable Netherlands East Indies airmen, flying B-25 bombers without fighter escort, maintain an ultra-tight formation and together release their demolition bombs on target in another raid in the Dutchmen’s “lone war.”
Articles Inside: … “It Is Company Policy” – Outline of NAA’s Company Policies
Mustangs Over Burma By Hal Menjou Field Rep. CBI Theater and Illustrated by George Sheppard
Women at Work ( Photo Story ); Frances Robers
Books Keep ‘Em Flying – Handbooks and Manuals Are Ground Crews’ Bibles; Reynold Brown
They Still Fight – Discharged Veterans ….. Pacific Foray – A Raid on Rabaul by B-25s By C. J. Aymond the accompanying field representative

We Bust Trains – By Frank A. Hanton RCAF ….. 3,000 Aerial Horses – AT-17 is replaced by TB-25 at Brooks Field ….. North Americana ( Photo Pages ) ….. The Long View ….. Teamwork Pays Off – For Nation’s Resources ….. Weapons of Invasion – The Bombers and Fighters of NAA ….. My Friend Mary – The B-25 named “Bloody Mary” at Guadalcanal ….. Skyline Award ….. Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy ….. “Dear Mom” – Letters to Mom ….. Circuit Riders – Excerpts from letters of North American Service Representatives at home and abroad ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. Test Vets – John K. Lagrone and Joe Ben Lievre Test Pilots for North American ….. “At Ease” – AAF’s Redistribution Stations¬†