North American Skyline 1943 11-12 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 6
#6 pages
Cover: Veteran “Desert Warrior,” a belligerent Billy Mitchell, returned from the Mediterranean war zone bearing a pictorial record of its campaigning. Winsome Ann Pryor of the California division enhanced the view. The Kodachrome photo was taken by Lee Moyne Mark.. ……. Articles Inside: … You Can’t Beat the Dutch – These Dutchmen, robbed of their homes and country by the Axis invaders, go all out for revenge and a final and lasting peace. Hitler and Tojo please take note. ….. Volunteer Brigade – Firemen ….. One from Two – Building a B-25 from two damaged ones in Alaska ….. Air Strips – Comics ….. Flying Cannon – It’s that New and Deadly Special Delivery to Hitler and Tojo — North American’s 75-Millimeter Cannon-toting B-25 Mitchell Bomber, now Pumping 15-pound Projectiles down Axis Throats. Here’s How a Well-known Commentator Told the Story to his Listeners. By Nelson Pringle ….. Now Let’s Take the Texan – At AAF Training Centers, Texans “take it” where other planes would be torn apart. ….. Art for Production’s Sake ….. They Call it a Pilot’s Plane – A-36 By Lt. Jack Thorton, USAAF ….. North Americana ( Photo Pages ) ….. They Cover the Plant – Maintenance ….. Circuit Riders of the Sky – Excerpts from letters of North American Service Representatives at home and abroad ….. Feminine Talk-1943 ….. The Home of Champions ….. The Heat’s On By John Babcock ….. Instruments on the Beam ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. B-25’s! Salute! By Bill Cunningham ….. Targets in Sicily – A Report on what North American A-36 Fighter Bombers Did in one One Month’s Time in Sicily. By Al Lofquist ….. Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy ….. Beauty Corner – Lois Burnett