North American Skyline 1943 09-10 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 5

Cover: Five of the Angels from Avenger Field receive last minute instructions from their instructor before they take off on routine training flights. The Kodachrome photo was made by Tom W. Collins.

Articles Inside:

Angels of Avenger Field – Student pilots at the Army Air Forces Training Command’s School for women pilots. By Ticky Poynor

Successful Organization – Depends on You By J. L. Atwood

Built at a Bargain – Wooden construction as shown here although more costly is a wartime bargain. By Owen King, Director of Plant Facilities

Final Assembly on the Move – Mechanized assembly at the Inglewood Plant

Pilots Over the Pines – B-25s at Columbia Air Base, Columbia, South Carolina By Carlye Holt

The Chain ( Aleutian Islands ) By Cecil Aymond North American Service Representative

I’ll Buy It By Mary Jane Pieronnet

North Americana ( Photo Pages )

Circuit Riders of the Sky – Excerpts from letters of North American Service Representatives at home and abroad

In Jig Time By Mason Walsh

For Fitness Sake – North American Women set the pace on the recreation frontĀ 

Hail the Conquering Heroes – They have reason to be proud

Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy

Do Unto Others – By Frances Hall-Lewis

About Face

The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson

Production Booster – Drill jig for landing gear casting

Mind Your P’s and Q’s

Beauty Corner – Mary Croxen

Paging Mr. Ripley