North American Skyline 1943 07-08 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 4 ……. Cover: A North American-Built Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber is about to undergo altitude tests. Men are J. D. Sanders, flight engineer; R. D. Griffin, test pilot, and Vern T. Irons, flight test superintendent and chief test pilot for the B-24. ……. Articles Inside: … Notes from England By Phillip Legarra ….. ’06 Was a Lady ( B-25 in China ) ….. The Earthquakers – B-25s in North Africa By William C. Carr ….. In This Corner – at 20 1/2 tons, is the B-24, now being produced at Dallas by North American Aviation By John Babcock ….. Mustang! Camera! Action! – Mustang Gun Camera Photos ….. Moving Day – The revised production layout of entire plant ….. Billy’s Ghost ( General Billy Mitchell ) ….. Yesterday and Today ( Fighter Planes ) ….. Together for Victory – Organized labor and management working together ….. North Americana ( Photo Pages ) ….. Hell and High Water – Lt. Monroe Schwartz, the navigator of a B-25 bomber crew, sent the following letter to his parents back home. It tells of the plane’s forced landing at sea ….. From Railroad to Flight Ramp – Interplant Traffic By Mary Jane Peironnet ….. Need Gas? …..Conservation by the Ton – Foundrymen knew something had to be done about serious Kirksite “A” shortages, so they set aside previous methods and devised ways and means of their own to save metal By John Hemler ….. Night and Day ( Humor Story ) ….. The Home Shift By Genevieve Callahan and Lou Richardson ….. S.O.S. Means Services of Supply ….. Conservation Plus ….. Willie Wingflap By Dennis McCarthy ….. Speed Merchants ( Mustangs Mission Story ) ….. Meet the Champ – The B-25 named Mortimer ….. Good News from the Navy ….. Beauty Corner – Margaret Sedler ….. Some B-25 Nose Art in North Africa