North American Skyline 1943 03-04 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 2

Cover: Larry Waite, engineering technical supervisor, is shown inspecting the installation of a Mustang model in the throat of North American’s wind tunnel. Kodachrome by Sherwood Mark.

Articles Inside: … Airplanes from Test Tubes – The fascinating job of testing aircraft parts in the laboratory

“I Represent the Mustang” ( Roy Ferrin )

“Hurricane Hall” – Wind tunnel at Inglewood

Save the Ammunition – ‘When every piece of material is considered as a production bullet, the full meaning of the campaign against waste is clear’

China Letter – From a leader of the China Air Task Force comes a letter for all the folks at NAA

“We Brung Our Lunch” The Story of the Army Air Forces 27th Bombardment Group

It’s the Style Nowadays – A Skyline Silhouette of Jo Kramer

A Safety Score

Skyline’s Beauty Corner – Catherine Thorwald

North Americana ( Photo Pages )

Texiana by Tate ( Sammy Tate )

A Second Front

Willie Wingflap by Dennis McCarthy

It’s Called the Texan ( Army’s AT-6 or Navy’s SNJ )

The Dallas Foreign Legion – Can Hitler match his Nazi automatons, or his enslaved foreign workers, against such men as these? ( N. B. Datangel , Chin Wei Yen , John Casci , John Baumer , Karel Sula , Albert E. Eisemann , Francois Dumont and R. K. Weebe ….. Reporting to 31,000 Stockholders

The One-Man Machine Shop – A Skyline Silhouette of Elmer Thompson

To North American

Resourceful Betty ( Betty Butler )

Wetmore Goes to War ( Wetmore, Kansas )

10,000 Trainers — Count ‘Em

A Song Comes to Life – ” Rosie the Riveter”

A Skyline Sketch ( D. C. Griffith )