North American Skyline 1943 01 (PDF)



Vol. 4 No. 1 ……. Cover: North American’s Mustang has been making its influence felt in R.A.F. operational raids into occupied Europe. A scourge to Nazi forces, the NAA fighter has made low-level strafing a fine art, Reynold Brown, of NAA at Inglewood, has illustrated one of these raids. ……. Articles Inside: … The Enemy Designs Our Warplanes – Production flexibility for supremacy. By J. H. Kindelberger ….. History Repeats Itself – Eastman tells Rickenbacker lore ….. They’re Paid to Learn – Basic knowledge for basic jobs – North American Aviation at Inglewood Gets A New Department, Known as 101, Consisting of Students Taking In-plant Shop Training ….. Classrooms in the Air – Navy curriculum spreads wings – One of the most popular classrooms of students who are majoring in anti-Axis subjects is the North American built SNJ ….. When Seconds Count – Flight line protection takes skill – Kansas City Plant Protection Crews Learn to Cope with All Emergencies By Taking Part in Elaborate Drills, Staged Under Simulated Conditions ….. Boo-o-o! – Dallas welders don strange faces ….. Pat Cunningham – From quartermiles to Mustangs – A Skyline Silhouette ….. Wonder Birds – A page of fighting exploits ….. Mustangs Win Their Spurs – They get there and back again. By Tom Bernard ….. Royal Troubador – Scotch singer in our midst ….. Woman’s Work Is Just Begun – Her place was once the home – Legions of Dallas Workers Prove Woman’s Place Is Where She’s Needed Most ….. Kansas Keeps Them Coming – Assembly line photos just released – K. C. Plant Demonstrates How to Build Planes On a Mass Basis to Send Against the Foe ….. Seven Deadly Young Americans – “Along for the ride” says reporter – A Reporter Boards a B-25 On a Bombing Mission Set to Blast a Jap Base at Lae. By John Lardner ….. Willie Wingflap by Dennis McCarthy ….. Models to the Rescue – Doll houses go to work ….. A Skyline Sketch – She teaches, learns, and works ( Sibyl Malm ) ….. Safety Contest – Method for instilling interest