North American Skyline 1942 11 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 6
Cover: An Unusual shot of a North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell bomber being loaded with live bombs at an Army Air Forces base somewhere on the Atlantic coast. It was a similar plane to the one shown in this Kodachrome by Rudy Arnold that was the first to sink a roving Axis submarine in Atlantic waters. All in a day’s work. ……. Articles Inside: … “E” for Excellence – Inglewood plant pledges for future ….. Hitching To a Star – A record is won in less than two years at Texas ….. Suppliers Proud of NAA “E” – They’re all keyed to “E” production ….. On Many Fronts – From Australia to Egypt, B-25’s Figure in the Heaviest Raids….. Accent on System – Organization moves on roller bearings ….. Skyline’s Beauty Corner – Introducing pretty Mrs. Jane Diener ….. 51 Days in a Jap Prison – E. H. Himrod tells about the Bridge House ….. Time Out? Mademoiselle Says No – “Know how” pares down absences By Bernice Peck ….. Goin’ to Town – NAA trainer takes over recruiting ….. An “Amazing Achievement” – Fighter Pilots, American British, Canadian and Polish, Are Convinced that NAA’s Mustang is Plane of the Year ….. It Used to Be “Ars Gratia Artis” – Artists show marked aptitude ….. They Come from Near and Far – And now they’re specialists in Building the B-25 ….. Accuracy Counts Here Too – Paul Ingersoll demonstrates his skill at Horseshoes ….. He Packs Many Talents – That’s Bill Sutherland at Kansas ….. Kansas City Women in Final Assembly – The gals are now in final assembly ….. Safety–from the Ground Up – Dallas builds effective safety plan ….. It May Not Be New, But It’s a Good Idea – Takes effort, too, but it pays ….. On the Bond Front – There’s a phrase for it–buy ’emĀ