North American Skyline 1942 05 (PDF)



36 pages
Vol. 3 No. 3
Cover: Army Acceptance of a B-25 is a frequent occurrence at the Inglewood plant these days, but it is not every day that a three-star general chalks up the final OK. This month’s cover picture was taken April 16 when Lieut. Gen. William S. Knudsen, chief of production for the War Department, visited the Inglewood plant. Genial “Big Bill,” beloved and respected production genius, who visited North American as part of a tour of war plants across the United States, said of NAA: “You have one of the finest production shows in the nation.” The picture is a four-color process reproduction of a Kodachrome by SKYLINE Photographer Sherwood Mark. The poster on the inside front cover, which illustrates the raid on the Philippines by B-25 Mitchell bombers, was displayed in North American plants immediately following the raid. The clipping is from the Los Angeles Examiner. ……. Articles Inside: … B-25’s Roar into Action – B-25’s Could Have Taken Off From Carriers, Writer Insists. By Justin D. Bowersock ….. Outdoors Is B-25 Assembly Line – Flight Ramp Used ….. Steel Wings for America – New Low Alloy Steel and Plywood Will Save G23 Tons of Aluminum In Each 1,000 MA Trainers Built ….. $10,000 Production Idea Contest ….. North American’s Wind Tunnel – At Inglewood Nears Completion ….. NAA’s Texas Rangers ….. Modern Hospital at Inglewood ….. New Transportation Office – Helps Employees Get Tires ….. Through the Camera Doors ( Photos ) ….. Doolittle’s Story – Brigadier General Doolittle Tells His First-hand Story of the Thrilling Tokyo Raid Conducted in NAA Bombers ( Representative of the United States airmen who raided Tokyo are the young men pictured here. These flying tourists are Lieutenants R. J. Meder, J. A. Sims, E. W. Holstrom, W. R. Pound, Jr., and D. W. Truelove, and Major J. Hilger. The brigadier general is, of course, Jimmy Doolittle. ) ….. Dallas Drophammer Department ….. Mustang Production Line ….. Skyline Silhouette – Bent Holtsmark ….. Streamlined Welding Course ….. The Feminine Slant By Jane Carroll ….. They Both Build and Fly Them ….. Dallas Plant a Year Old ….. Kids Like Airplane Pictures ….. Former Soldiers Fight Again