North American Skyline 1942 01 (PDF)



Vol. 3 No. 1 ……. Cover: A frequent sight, and a reassuring one these days, is that of armed American aircraft cruising overhead. Among these war-planes, the North American B-25 medium bomber occupies an eminent position, having proved time and again by its speed and maneuverability that it has the stuff of which champions are made. Since this issue of Skyline is dedicated to North American’s new bomber assembly plant at Kansas City, Kansas, it is fitting that the cover should feature a picture of the B-25. In the words of Lieut. General Henry H. Arnold, Deputy-Chief of Staff, United States Army, ” . . . this hard-hitting member of our striking power is one of the speediest bombers in the world, with a speed approaching that of the standard fighter planes in use abroad.” The advertisement on the back cover, captioned “Another North American First,” tells in brief the inspiring story of North American’s new Kansas City unit. The inside back cover is a photo montage of production scenes within the Inglewood plant. ……. Articles Inside: … Training Pilots and Combat Crews – By Brigadier General George E. Stratemeyer ….. Introducing Flying Cadet Knucklehead By Artist Jack Zumwalt ….. North American Sub-Contracting ….. New Aircraft School ….. A Message from the President ….. War Cancels Dedication – At Kansas City Bomber Plant Production Is Started Without Fanfare; Important Figures Send Congratulations ….. Moving Forward Together ….. Cooperative Program Builds Bombers – Huge Industrial Empires Join Forces to Produce Warplanes ….. K. C. Bomber Plant Completed ….. Women Hired at Dallas Plant ….. Through the Camera Doors ( Photos ) ….. North American Story ….. NAA Current Models ….. Dallas’ First Mass Delivery – 50 AT-6As for Navy and Army Air Force….. Skyline Silhouettes – Roy Bodeen and Ralph Rund ….. Inglewood Enclosures Department – Uses Plexiglas for Bomber Windows ….. NAA Trainers at Corpus Christi ….. The Australian “Wirraway” – Used NA-33 as Prototype ….. Plant Safety ….. The Feminine Slant By Grace Dunn