Normoyle Ordnance Depot, Texas (PDF)



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The Story of Normoyle Ordnance Depot

NORMOYLE ORDNANCE DEPOT is beautifully located about four and one-half miles south of San Antonio, Texas on the Laredo Highway (U.S. 81). This is one of the largest Army Motor Depots in the United States. Here are located an Auto­motive School, a Supply Division, Repair Shop and an immense vehicle storage area.
At the Automotive School students are trained in every phase of motor maintenance. They are taught to drive all types of vehicles under every condition — to make repairs under most adverse circumstances and in this motorized war to “Keep ’em Rolling” no matter what!
This is truly a busy post and these pictures show in some part the life of a soldier here at Normoyle. Although there is much work from sun-up to sun-down, from the start of the week to its end, there is also ample opportunity for relaxation and recreation. Just as in civilian life a man can find opportunities for playing games, reading in fine libraries, lolling in the Service Club, dancing under the stars, swimming in our pool and attending religious services of any denomination he chooses. It’s an interesting life to say the least and certainly leaves few unoccupied moments in the daily routine.