Marine Corps Gazette 1945 04 (PDF)


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Vol. 29 No. 4 ……. Cover: Apprehending Seal Poachers ( 1891 ) Artwork by Corp. John F. Clymer ……. Articles Inside: Attack on Guam. – A graphic account of the First Provisional Marine Brigade’s part in the conquest of Guam. In the Brigade’s sphere of action, the enemy resisted with fanaticism to the death. By 1st Lt. Millard Kaufman ….. Base Defense Logistics. – Planning for the defense of a captured base must begin as soon as the base is seized. The supply system must function properly or the base itself will be jeopardized. By Lt. Col. C. B. Rogers ….. Outlook for Japan – Japan’s initial successes in this war were inevitable. She had been preparing for it for fifty years. As the war continues, however, her weaknesses become more apparent.and her defeat certain. By Murray Harris ….. Handling Enemy Civilians – In the Marianas the feeding and sheltering of enemy civilians presented a great problem. Lessons learned there may prove helpful to us in our future actions. By Lt. Col. Lewis N. Samuelsen ….. A Practical Jungle Formation. – In this article the author describes a formation which was developed to cope with actual jungle conditions. Its value was later proved in combat. By Lt. Col. L. M. Mason ….. Fleet Supply. – Developments in the technique of fleet replenishment add new range to our Navy. By Capt. Miles R. Browning, USN ….. The Commander and His Staff. – Some principles governing the relations of staff officers to their commander. The staff officer is responsible to his own commander alone, in everything. By Lt. Col. John H. Coffman ….. Photo Lab Technique in the Field – What is necessary in the way of equipment and housing to permit the utmost efficiency in the processing of films and prints under tropical conditions. By Colonel Elliott Bard ….. Identifying and Using Japanese Equipment. – The Japanese Type II (1922) Light Machinegun This is the fourth article by W. H. B. Smith, Military Arms Consultant of the National Rifle Association on enemy arms. By W. H. B. Smith ….. The War and After. – A famous author tells why we are fighting and indicates a course for the future. Civilization will be destroyed unless we use the tools of technological and scientific research properly. By James Truslow Adams ….. Marine Rifle Squad in Combat ( Part 2 ) – Conditions that govern the employment of formations and actions by the rifle squad in the offense. The importance of leadership becomes evident, and is often decisive in the offense. ….. Corps Artillery of the Army in Combat ( Part 2 ) – Coordinating intelligence, and the planning of artillery fires. By Col. E. M. Edmonson, USA ….. Marked for Annihilation by Air ….. Amphibious Reconnaissance. _ In a campaign involving amphibious warfare, vital information can be gained by reconnoitering hostile shores. This article describes this work and its development. By 1st Lt. Leo B. Shinn ….. What’s New – Trends of Military Interest By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. Books ….. Gazette Bookshop ….. Regulations Governing Souvenirs