Marine Corps Gazette 1945 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 29 No. 1 ……. Cover: Belleau Wood ( 1918 ) Artwork by Cpl. Tom Lovell USMCR ……. Articles Inside: The Fourth Division At Tinian. – The enemy was prepared for our landing on Tinian, but he was outguessed, outmaneuvered, and outfought at every turn by Marines. By Capt. John W. Thomason, III ….. Tactics for the Rifleman. By PFC Frederick N. Sager …. Battalion Landing Teams in Amphibious Operations. By Lt. Col. Robert E. Cushman, Jr. ….. Oriental Exploration Company. – Ourcapture of Saipan and Tinian was a blow at Japan’s great Houses of Mitsui and Mitsubishi, which had large investments in the sugar colonies there. By Sgt. Dan Levin ….. Anzio Analysis. – Marine officers will be interested in this account of the operation at Anzio. After the beachhead was established the Germans rallied but were defeated by massed artillery. By Col. E. M. Edmonson USA ….. This Month’s Cover ….. How to Identify and Use Captured Japanese Equipment. – Japanese Model 96 Light Machine gun – Japanese Model 99 Light Machine gun By W. H. B. Smith ….. Observations on Saipan – An account of the landing on Saipan and operations there from the time the LVTs hit the beach until the south end was crossed and the long march begun to the north. By Lt. Col. B. A. Hochmuth ….. Point Secured – From a coral point of land that jutted into the sea at Peleliu, murderous Jap fire imperiled our beachhead. Untouched by naval gunfire or rockets the five pillboxes on the point were taken by infantry. By Capt. George P. Hunt ….. Ammunition Control. – Ammunition for assault troops must always be available. Use of reports assures supplies for an amphibious operation. .By Maj. Walter C. Wells ….. Aviation – Reports and Comments on the Military Uses of Aircraft. By Capt. Jack DeChant ….. Inventions Wanted ….. “Infantillery” on Peleliu. – Operating in an area that was only about two hundred yards square, an entire 155-mm howitzer battalion combined tactics of the Civil War with World War I methods, then served as infantry. By Lt. Col. R. A. Evans ….. Down to Earth About Colonies. – The rising power of the United States makes us increasingly responsible for the kind of order that is kept in colonial areas. A new concept about colonies is arising. By Joseph M. Jones ….. Will There Be Farms for Servicemen? By Ladd Haystead ….. Nudging Robot Bombs Off Their Course ….. Snipers Are Overrated – The Japanese sniper is a difficult problem but it is foolish to attribute superhuman characteristics to him. Sniper trouble can be ended with proper fire discipline and a well organized anti-sniper detail in the rear area. By Observer ….. Jungle Patrolling. ( Part I ) – In this, the first of two articles on the problems of jungle patrolling, the author emphasizes the importance of adapting oneself to the jungle, and tells how patrols can operate most effectively. By Maj. Guy Richards ….. What’s New – Trends of Military Interest By S/Sgt. Ray Moulden ….. Gazette Booklist ….. Books ….. Suggestions for Personnel Classification Under Combat Conditions 2nd Lt. Robert G. Boydstun ….. Merchant Shipping Losses of Allies and Neutrals ….. Problems Encountered in Aviation Administration. By 1st Sgt. Kenneth E. Goldthwaite ….. Some Facts Concerning Japanese Soldiers and Equipment