Marine Corps Gazette 1944 07 (PDF)


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Vol. 28 No. 7 ……. Cover: Artwork by Sgt. Pat Denman ……. Articles Inside: The War at Sea – Admiral King’s Report – A leading student of naval affairs ascribes our mounting success over the Japanese at sea to the superiority of our morale as well as the preponderance of our strength. The Japs, he says, have admitted it by their actions. By Fletcher Pratt ….. Smoke – The Modern Armor – Captured German documents reveal in precise detail the high degree to which the Wehrmacht has evolved the tactical uses of smoke. The author of the well-known volume “Gas Warfare” analyzes these documents. By Brig. Gen. Alden H. Waitt, Chemical Warfare Section, U.S. Army ….. Britain’s Sea Power – A comprehensive analysis of the functions, duties, and performance of her fleet of ships as reported by an official agency of the British Government. ….. Learn and Live – Practical suggestions on how Marines can do a better job more safely in the field: a new and handier means for carrying ammunition; how to improve on the straddle trench through use of empty steel oil drums. By Lt. Col. T. M. Mason USMC ….. Supply Pipe Line – Unimpeded flow of military supplies from factory to fighting front is a responsibility of user and forwarder as well as producer. Leaks along the line may deprive a fighter of equipment he needs. By Brig. Gen. Leonard E. Rea USMC ….. Gags For the Foxhole ….. Jap Agents Busy Again – A former correspondent in China for the New York TIMES detects resumption of activities by Japanese operatives and propagandists, and criticizes Americans who would deal leniently with them. By Hallett Abend ….. A Marine on the U.S.S. Hornet – The brief but illustrious history of the carrier that launched our first bombers against the Japanese homeland, as seen through the eyes of a proud survivor. Though she was blasted and now rests on the floor of the Pacific, she left a challenging record for a new and more powerful successor to match. By Tech. Sgt. Angus T. Gillis USMC, as told to Lt. Col. H. S. Mazet USMCR ….. White Man’s War Canoe – Natives of Makin stand in awe along the beach as they watch the Navy task force lying off shore. They welcomed the U. S. invaders. ….. Jungle Warfare – Continuing from the June issue a distillation of the best knowledge of jungle warfare gained by Marines who have fought in the Philippines, Guadalcanal, New Georgia, Bougainville, and New Britain, By Marine Corps Schools, Quantico, Va. ….. Editorials ….. What’s New – Review of the Latest Developments in Military Equipment: U.S. Now Has Sixty-Five Carriers – V-12 Program Curtailed – Helicopter with Pusher Prop – Fight War Neurosis with Drug ….. Aviation – Reports and Comments on the Military Uses of Aircraft ….. Background ….. Marine Citations – Navy Cross, Legion of Merit, Silver Star and Air Medal ….. Official Information – Digest of Announcements from Official Sources ….. Books ….. Letters ….. Military Digest – A Review of Current Military Thought