Marine Corps Gazette 1944 05 (PDF)


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Marine Corps Gazette   May 1944

Cover: . . . Bougainville Fighter Strip . . . . . This picture of the fighter strip at Torokina Point, Bougainville, was taken shortly after its capture. Marine planes are shown using the metal mat strip while graders are still at work.


Articles Inside:

The Third Marines at Bougainville. By Officers of the Regiment (Colonel George W. McHenry, Lieutenant Colonel Hector de Zayas, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph M. King, Major L. W. Mason, Major John Paul Brody, Major Charles J. Bailey, Jr., Chaplain George M. Kempker, Chaplain Joseph A. Rabun, Brigadier General Field Harris, Major General Allen Hal Turnage, Lieutenant General Millard F. Harmon, Major General Oscar W. Griswold, First Lieutenant Steve J. Cibik, Brigadier General Oscar H. Cauldwell, Colonel George W. McHenry, Lieutenant Colonel George O. Van Orden, Major Grant Crane, Major Sidney S. McMath, Captain John E. McDonald, 1st Lt. John W. Foley, Jr., 2nd Lt. Clyde T. Brannon)

A Marine IS Different. By Colonel Charles A. Wynn, USMC

Marine Corps Aces. By Second Lieutenant Edna L. Smith, USMCWR (Major Foss, Captain Richard I. Bong, Lieutenant Colonel John F. Dobbin, Lieutenant Robert M. Hanson, Captain Donald N. Aldrich, Captain Kenneth A. Walsh, Lieutenant Harold L. Spears, Major Boyington)

The Evolution of an Atoll

The Taking of Eniwetok. By Captain Phillips D. Carleton, USMCR

A Jungle Aid. By Major L. M. Mason, USMC

American Micronesia. By Captain Clifford P. Morehouse, USMCR (Rear Admiral Alva D. Bernhard, Colonel Earl Ellis, Willard Price, Admiral C. W. Nimitz, K. J. Sigrah)

El Toro. By Major Arthur Menken, USMCR (Colonel William J. Fox, Lieutenant Colonel Charles E. Adams, James Irvine, Sr., Colonel Theodore B. Millard, Colonel William J. Fox, Captain Julia Rockefeller)

Where Do We Go From Here? By Captain Garrett Graham, USMCR (Major General Roy S. Geiger, General MacArthur, Major General William H. Rupertus)

Marine Corps Shoulder Insignia

Editorials (First Lieutenant Deane Hawkins, Colonel David M. Shoup, Major General Clayton B. Vogel, Major General Charles F. B. Price, Major General John Marston, Major General Emile P. Moses, Major General Henry L. Larsen, Major General Francis P. Mulcahy, Brigadier General Alphonse De Carre, Brigadier General Pedro del Valle, Brigadier General Thomas E. Bourke, Brigadier General Leo D. Hermle, Brigadier General James L. Underhill, Brigadier General Thomas E. Watson, Colonel Samuel C. Cumming, Colonel Oliver P. Smith, Major Richard Ira Bong, Majors Joe Foss and Gregory Boyington, Eddie Rickenbacker)

Civil Affairs. By Captain H. C. Prud’homme, USMCR (Lieut. W. H. Hessler)

This Was Tarawa. By Colonel Clyde H. Metcalf, USMC (First Sergeant Wilbur McC. Burgess, Sergeant James R. Atkins, Sergeant Roy W. Johnson, Corporal Phillip R. Burke, Sergeant Edward R. Godwin, Private First Class Joseph D. Doherty, Sergeant Eugene L. Hill, Sergeant Clarence E. Petrie, Corporal Robert E. Voorhees, Corporal Orville E. W. Broeker, Private John “A” Bolthouse, Jr.)

Camp Elliott Transferred to Navy

After the Tank, What? By Colonel H. W. Miller, Army Ord-Res

Looking to the Future (Lieutenant General Alexander A. Vandegrift)

Interlude on Guadalcanal. By W. S. Merchant

Escape from Rabaul (Second Lieutenant Jack G. Morris)

Boyington Receives Medal of Honor (Major Gregory Boyington)

     A Tribute from His Ground Crew (Captain Arthur W. Little, Jr.)

Intra-Battalion Communications After Landing. By Lieutenant Thomas M. Kerr, Jr., USMC

Decorations and Commendations (Lieutenant Colonel Victor H. Krulak, Major Gordon Warner, Chief Warrant Officer Francis J. Murphy, Private John J. Wantuck, Sergeant Wauss R. Teague, Corporal Weslie L. Phillips, Private First Class John Novina, Brigadier General Gerald C. Thomas, Colonel James M. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Nathaniel S. Clifford, Lieutenant Colonel William K. Pottinger, Major Charles L. Banks, Colonel Harold E. Rosecrans, Colonel James M. Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth F. McLeod, Lieutenant Commander Warren E. Page, Captain Conrad M. Fowler, First Lieutenant Robert W. Dorrell, First Lieutenant Howell T. Heflin, Captain William L. Flake, Captain Ernest A. Powell, Captain Walter S. McIlhenny, First Lieutenant John R. Kendall, First Lieutenant Joseph S. Nolan, First Lieutenant William A. Reno, First Lieutenant Bud Tinker, Second Lieutenant Philip A. Oldham, Master Gunnery Sergeant Anthony J. Palonis, Jr., Gunnery Sergeant Clifton Carter, Master Technical Sergeant John J. Murphy, Master Technical Sergeant John F. Wheeler, Technical Sergeant Raybon M. Chambers, Gunnery Sergeant Robert T. Nichols, Platoon Sergeant Hurshall W. Hooker, Platoon Sergeant Henry P. Szewczak, Sergeant Waldo D. Humphrey, Sergeant Thomas J. Belt, Jr., Sergeant Rudolph Rott, Sergeant Ronald B. Williams, Sergeant Luther F. Thornton, Platoon Sergeant Feroy C. Cleary, Sergeant Corporal Henry J. Doane, Private First Class Niel Overton, Sergeant George J. Val, Sergeant Edgar J. Herschler, Corporal Robert F. Mulford, Corporal Frank F. Wilder, Corporal Otto L. Yeater, Corporal Bert E. Zumberge, PFC Eugene P. Amurri, PFC  Charles F. Barnes, PFC James W. Callahan, PFC Robert E. Dow, PFC Jack J. McGovern, PFC Melvin P. Sartain, PFC James F. Stonaker, Private Harry N. Forcinio, Jr., Private Warren M. Fambuth, Private Charles R. Mitchie, PFC  Samuel J. Collins, PFC William R. Mac Pherson, PFC Robert A. Nash, Private Robert J. Murphy, PFC Norman Cohen, PFC James F. McNabb, PFC John P. Perella, Private Everett Bryant, Private Dallas E. Johnson, Major William E. Gise, Major Gregory J. Weissenberger, Major Joseph H. Reinburg, Captain Kenneth M. Ford, Captain James E. Swett, First Lieutenant Arthur R. Boag, First Lieutenant Vernon L. Glascock, First Lieutenant Milton N. Vedder, Second Lieutenant Paul Fuss, Marine Gunner Gordon V. Hodde, Second Lieutenant Charles L. Hobart, Sergeant Roy W. Waddell, Lieutenant Colonel Robert E. Fejt, Captain Patrick O’Sheel, Captain John P. Long, Private First Class Lawrence J. Choate, First Lieutenant Charlton A. Main, Major Herman Hansen, Jr.,  Major William H. Pace, Captain Howard E. Cook,  Captain Robert T. Ewing, Captain Lewis Gordon, Captain Carroll E. McCullah, Captain Roy A. Thorson, First Lieutenant Donald L. Balch, First Lieutenant Frank B. Baldwin, First Lieutenant John F. Begert, First Lieutenant Henry M. Bourgeois, First Lieutenant Calvert S. Bowie, First Lieutenant Theron H. Brown, III, First Lieutenant Benjamin E. Dale, Jr., First Lieutenant Foy R. Garison, First Lieutenant William B. Harlan, First Lieutenant Thomas H. Hughes, Jr., First Lieutenant William McDow Johnston, Jr., USMC. First Lieutenant Robert M. Jones, First Lieutenant Leonard W. Me Cleary, First Lieutenant Aubrey E. Morse, First Lieutenant Paul A. Mullen, First Lieutenant Addison R. Raber, First Lieutenant Samuel Richards, Jr., First Lieutenant William E. Sage, First Lieutenant Edwin E. Shifflett, Second Lieutenant James English, Second Lieutenant Frank J. Hubka, Second Lieutenant Hartwell V. Scarborough, Jr., Second Lieutenant John M. Sodd, Staff Sergeant Jack Pittman, Jr., Private First Class Donald S. Batchelor, Private First Class Frederick J. Beck, Private First Class Donald A. Black, Private First Class Clarence N. Goodwin, Private First Class William C. Strubbe, Colonel Boeker C. Batterton, Warrant Officer Waldo Harris, Second Lieutenant John Donato, Colonel Byron F. Johnson, Major Roger Willock)

General Holcomb Decorated (General Thomas Holcomb)

Book Reviews

Military Digest     

     The Jap Army Had Its Day

     Japan’s Power of Resistance (H. Foster Bain)

     Landing Ship, Medium

     Surprise Weapons of War

     Kwajalein Becomes a Mighty Base (Rear Admiral Alva D. Bernhard)

     School or Work (Charles Kettering, David Sarnoff, Sidney Hillman, Donald Douglas, Clarence A. Dykstra, Ernest K. Lindley)

     Jungle Tactics

     Navy Ready to Carry Out New Ballot Law (Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, Admiral Emory S. Land, Captain Edward A. Hayes)

     The Training Battalion at Quantico, Virginia (Major Thomas J. Myers)

Books for Marines