Marfa Army Air Field (PDF)




History of Marfa Army Air Field ……. Marfa Army Air Field is located in the heart of West Texas’ Big Bend country, between the Davis Mountains and the Rio Grande. Here, aviation cadets complete their pilot training and win the wings that make them eligible to fly multi-engined aircraft against the Axis. Here, young men from all states and territories of the Union begin their destiny as defenders of freedom. The Post was activated on August 15, 1942, and flying began on December 7, 1942, months ahead of schedule. Since that time the classes have grown larger and larger, indicating the ever-increasing momentum of America’s war efforts. Recognizing the limited recreational facilities for the men who keep ’em flying, the Post has constantly stressed the development of these features. Construction of a theatre and spacious post exchange were the first moves in that direction. Later came service club, library, outdoor boxing arena, gymnasium, golf course, and bowling alleys. And the Post, now in its second year, continues advancing toward its goal as the best advanced two-engine pilot school in the world.